March 31, 2016

In a world where you can be anything, be a unicorn…
I read that quote last year when I was designing and I thought, how amazing it must be to be a child in a world where you CAN be anything! And that’s when the seed to design a range of unicorn print dresses and other clothing came to my mind. Because a child’s world should be magical and I hope that Sprinkles the Unicorn puts some big  bright smiles onto little girl’s faces with a range that I’ve designed to be comfortable, whimsical and, of course, magical.
Magic Unicorn Tutu Dress for Babies & Blossom Unicorn Skirt
And of course... Everyone loves unicorns!
It’s totally Oobi-licious and limited edition, but I feel that the collaborative illustration design is very much still in my childlike style and even though I’ve used “Midnight Black” as my palette (wheeeee!), it is just right for winter unicorn girls fashion, still totally appropriate for a child, toddler or baby, and feels like the midnight sky where the stars shine bright!
Magic Unicorn Dress with Hand-Embroidered Stars
When I design, the best part is imagining a child’s world and of course it is so much FUN!!! When I got my first swatches of cotton fabric printed I was so nervous to show the Oobi team. Would they like it as much as me? Would they think I’d lost my marbles? Would they love it. 
'80s Style Sweater Dress & 100% Cotton Sweatshirt - Sweater
It’s with baited breath that I release Sprinkles to the world too. It’s going to hit so you can buy your unicorn dresses online and our amazing retailers so you can shop boutiques for unicorn girls clothing on Monday the 4th of April. 
Unicorn Skirt for Girls and Unicorn Jacket - Vest
Thanks as always for reading my blog. I'm proud that our Australian girl's fashion is popular with mums and kids all over the world and I'm proud to design ranges for your children. It's an honour to be part of a magical unicorn world and I feel like a kid every time I design! I hope you love the range, I'd love you to share or comment so I can chat with you too!
Love, Alex

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Sizing Guide
Our Sizing Height of Child
3M / 00 64cm - 72cm
6M / 0 72cm - 80cm
12M/1Y 80cm - 86cm
18M 86cm - 92cm
2Y 92cm - 98cm
3Y 98cm - 104cm
4Y 104cm - 110cm
5Y 110cm - 116cm
6Y 116cm - 122cm
7Y 122cm - 128cm
8Y 128cm - 134cm
9Y 134cm - 140cm
10Y 140cm - 146cm
11Y 146cm - 152cm
12Y 152cm - 158cm
13Y 158cm - 164cm


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