March 11, 2015

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Sunday 8th March marked International Woman's Day and in celebration our friends at Global Sisters launched their first ever crowd funding campaign! Designer Alex is very honored to be a Global Sister Ambassador, and to support such an amazing organisation who offer financial assistance to female entrepreneurs to help them become self sufficient. We're all Global Sisters and happy to extend our love and support to women everywhere.

Did you know?

In Australia, almost one in every seven women live below the poverty line.

Nearly 1.5 million women live with financial exclusion, without the simple financial tools now required to navigate everyday life – such as a bank account, credit or debit card, access to moderate loans and general insurance.

Over 700,000 working age women depend on welfare income.

The Global Sisters solution

The Global Sisters have a very important role in building bridges to overcome all the hurdles women face as they transition from welfare dependence to sustainable self-employment.

Global Sisters is currently the only Australian organisation providing a ‘one stop shop’, offering education and start-up finance, business tools and resources, as well as an online marketplace to sell their wares.

Perhaps most importantly, Global Sisters provides women with access to a national network of successful businesswomen and men who are ready and waiting to share their enthusiasm and support, through initial business development advice, ongoing mentoring and real sales opportunities.

Global Sisters is providing the bridge from raw potential to successful and sustainable business; and we need your help to build that bridge.

Right now, Global Sisters is raising funds to build an online sales platform that will bring these products to market – allowing the women we’re working with take that huge next step towards financial independence.

So far our Global Sisters have raised just under 3.5k and for 30 days you have the opportunity to donate and become part of the team and help achieve their goal to raise $25,000!

Oobi Alex says "I'm so proud to be a Global Sister Ambassador and we will be participating in many projects in future too, some which I know will be very exciting for our Oobi mamas!"

Head on over to the donation page now and you might find some very Oobi-licious perks xx


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