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Lilac & Lemonade - Autumn-Winter 2016

February 18, 2016

Lilac & Lemonade - Autumn-Winter 2016

I woke up in Paris to this... 

(My Oobi 'Toffee Apple' quilt in my Parisian bedroom. Ooh la la!)

Ok, Ok, don't hate me. It's not like that just rolled off the tongue...

It's pretty nice to open your eyes in a new city (and in a room as beautiful as this one) and have a little bit of home comfort. I don't always travel with an Oobi quilt but this was a special occasion.

I was invited to showcase Oobi's range to some retailers in Paris so I took this opportunity to take some beautiful Oobi pieces with me and do a mini shoot in Paris. 

It seemed right to shoot the "Lilac & Lemonade" range in Paris. I used to do a lot of sourcing in that beautiful city, traipsing the markets for antique buttons and trims, laces and fabrics for my vintage collections. I love it.

My French is, well, it's merde, frankly. Good thing I know how to talk with my eyes...

(shame I can't just eat with my eyes too... #cheesecoma)

Anyway, I'll share the inspiration behind "Lilac and Lemonade" and some of our pretty Paris photos too over the next few days. 

Hope you love it.

 Belle Dress and Lilac & Lemonade Quilt... Livin' Large in Paris!

Pretty & delicate Smocking... You can see why this range needed to be shot in Paris (needed... yeah).

Zoe Dress in the Baby Size (with nappy cover) - and marshmallows. Yes, the French do do it better. Theirs are lilac coloured - and square!

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