February 02, 2017

I'm proud to release the remaining pieces of my new range, "The Wildflowers" on Monday the 6th of February - 9am. This is my first trans-seasonal launch. Many of you who read my blogs know that I was lucky enough to be invited to showcase Oobi in Paris last year and it was really an honour to be amongst so many talented women in the children's fashion world.
What was also a total thrill for me was the vintage hunting I got to do while I was overseas. Flea markets and vintage-hunting is my number one jam and thing that I love to do most in the world. I have a huge collection of vintage pattern books, fabrics, old buttons and trims and a love for retro fashions and fabric. And there's really no two better places for me than London and Paris for vintage inspo - and I came back to Sydney knowing exactly what my next range would be.
It's "The Wildflowers" and it's got a vintage and boho London Liberty style - and you can tell from the names of the garments, I was totally inspired by the idea of of a retro London girl. I designed the "Sunday Market" dress to be that easy-wear, oversized smock style, with a vision in my mind that my London girl cycles on a vintage bike, and wears her oversized sun hat and knee-high socks to complete the look. 
Of course my London Lass wears a cool faded Denim Jacket (and I had to name it Chelsea - as you do) and she's around town with her friends Emily, Imogen and Charlotte too.
And because I have a very soft spot for the sunniness and happiness of the colour yellow, I've introduced a fresh new Flutter Tee to our mix of best-selling Long Sleeved Flutter Tees. I hope you love it like we do.
I'm so proud of my team and the little features that we made happen. We work completely collaboratively with artisans and craft people - many of whom work by hand. Sourcing the crochet lace for the Sunday Market dress, hand making little pom poms and problem solving so that everything fits beautifully and looks amazing is what we do as a team who work together. 
Of course you know I loooooove designing for your little ones and we're all kinda squealing over the new Pom Pom Knee-High socks (they are coming soon) and Egghunt Bunny Rabbit Bag, plus the Emily Dress which is just so sweet. Aaaaand because I get asked regularly, more Pom Pom headband ears. Super cute.
I tend to design, in "Stories". I create a world in my head and then start to sketch and come up with ideas. I love designing this way, it means I can mix-and-match and come up with "looks" and bring in some of our own classic pieces. In that way, for example, if you already own the Maxine Cardigan it'll be PERFECT to bring back in, for layering and to create your own story too. Pink and Red pom pom socks? Yes to that too! Just a few new pieces can really revitalise the pieces from past seasons in your own wardrobe - and I love that.
Maxine Cardigan, Flutter Tee, Nightingale Coat & Accessories
I really wanted to create a few pieces that were really perfect for tweens too and I think that we hit the mark with the Imogen Dress and Chelsea Denim Jacket. Our Charlotte Skirt is also great for older girls too and with a long sleeved top or tights, it'll transform from summer to autumn and winter easily. 
Best of all, I'm proud to let you know that we are still able to continue our pledge to donate a piece for every garment sold on our webstore and that means that an Aussie girl receives a birthday gift of a brand new Oobi piece - and it might be the first gift she's ever had. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my inspo and I can't wait to see the photos you share of your girls on our social media. Don't forget to join our exclusive Little Oobi Scrapbook Facebook Group where we share stories, pictures and outfit inspo too. We'd love to see you there.

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