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When I was a little girl, I had a rabbit, two fish, three cats, and a dog at once (maximum pet-tage and the BEST years of my life) and of course various pets along the way (like the axolotl, mice, hamsters… the list goes on). Suffice it to say, I’ve always been an animal lover but bunnies have a soft spot in my heart.
Chewing Gum my rabbit (Chewing Gum because her ears were long like pulled chewing gum) was a pretty amazing creature. She was house trained, followed me everywhere, loved my dog Turtle (I know, seriously, I can’t even explain why) and was a member of the family for many, many years. 
Pictured above: Mia Mint Bun Bun Dress Sizes 2Y up to 6Y. Blush Jacquard Knit Tights
My new range Bun Bun is in honour of that gorgeous little bunny AND the love that little ones have for their pets (family members!). I see photos of your babies hugging their pets, looking after them and acting so tenderly - caring for an animal is a great learning experience, teaches empathy and kindness and responsibility and is a great rite of passage too. 
I hope you love our new range, Bun Bun. It’s for the little ones and the little rabbits are hand-drawn in different poses, doing different bunny things. The print is created on a screen like many of our prints and we’re proud of that technique. The fabrics are soft and gentle but robust, the colours are vibrant and fresh - with a pastel vibe that’s so sweet for winter.
Pictured above/below: Mia Blush Bun Bun Dress Sizes 2Y up to 6Y. 
I’m really hopping about (sorry) our sweet jersey dresses too because they are so easy-to-wear and so easy to love. We use a high-quality cotton that washes and wears well. It’s robust enough to keep it’s shape so it’ll look good wash after wash.
Pockets for the WIN !
The Mia dress makes me smile. It’s a sweet piece with contrasting pockets and trims for a bit of Oobi-liciousness and the little sizes come with free shorties - too cute!
The dress is comfy and perfect for a special event or party, an Easter Egg hunt or play date.
Pictured: Mr Bun Bun Vest Sizes 1Y up to 6Y
Below: The back - with a tail!
Our Mr Bun Bun vest - it’s got a tail on the back and subtle little black eyes on the front so that it looks like a regular vest from the front but then, from the back, he’s a little bunny and, man, did we all LOVE it when the girls put it on.

I like to make garments that are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. It’s important to me that we take care of the little details. So I’ve lined Mr Bun Bun with pretty Blush Pink Bun Bun fabric and it’s so beautifully made that you could literally turn it inside out and wear it the wrong way.

That reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld when he bought the leather jacket and Elaine’s father wouldn’t let him wear it inside out because it had pink lining. I say, pink lining for the win!

Pictured above: Emily Mint Bun Bun Dress Sizes 1Y up to 6Y also comes in Blush pictured below. 
The Emily dress is just perfectly sweet, retro and girly with a beautiful vintage vibe.
Every little girl that wore it just looked so sweet and we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing all over the place. It’s soft, easy to wear and has no buttons
(a little zip at the back and you’re in!).
We can’t get enough of these sweet little ones and their infectious smiles! Babies and toddlers are so delicious and dressing them in little bunny pieces is enough to make my heart explode basically. 
We had a lot of fun on our photo shoot and even hit Facebook to borrow a bunny from friends - a very photogenic bunny! - for our video and romper and baby photos. I think you’ll agree it’s a heart melter… Well, I am in LOVE.
How cute is little Pop in her romper ?
Pictured above & below: Bun Bun Blush Romper Sizes 6M up to 18M 
In our members-only community Facebook (click to join here)
I asked the question about shorties and did mums want them for active girls who like to cartwheel, hang from the monkey bars and generally need a… well, we called them monkey bar pants when we were kids… what do you call them?
Pictured above: Dolly Blush Bun Bun Shorties also come in Mint, Sizes 6M up to 6Y, Flutter Long Sleeve White Tee Sizes 2Y up to 6Y and Oobi Sparkle Rabbit Ears. 
We’ve named them shorties because they can be worn under a dress, or on their own as shorts. The mums were super helpful as always! And the consensus was that they would be really practical and useful for girls. So we’ve made them in soft jersey and prettied them up too - just because. So wear them under a dress, or wear them on their own - they’re a practical and pretty piece for you and your twirling girl.
Don’t forget to add a hat because Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a Bonnet and then… happy Egg Hunting with our Egghunt Bunny Bag. Perfect for hiding and storing your chocolate loot (if there’s any left, that is!). 
I love that this range can be mixed-and-matched with our sweet Bunny Accessories and I’m loving the Chelsea jacket in the mix too. Our new socks and tights are pur-rrrrrrrrrrr-fect with the range (OMG cream socks and pom poms - delicious!) so you can add a little bunny touch, or go full-Bun-Bun.
I think I just like saying “Bun Bun” over and over. And the girls in the office saying “Oh, have we shot the Bun Bun dress yet? Has Sarah from the store got her Bun Bun range? When are we releasing Bun Bun?").
Thanks for taking the time to read my inspo and I can't wait to see the photos you share of your girls on our social media. Don't forget to join our exclusive Oobi VIP Group Facebook where we share stories, pictures and outfit inspo too. We'd love to see you there.

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Oh my, I think you may have hit peak cute!! Gorgeous!

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