"5 Minutes with Alex Riggs" interview for Kid Magazine

We are so excited for Alex, who was interviewed for the amazing Kid Magazine's "5 Minutes With" feature. Read on to find out more about the woman behind the brand, hints at what's in store for Oobi's future, and even some top secret beauty tricks - so much goodness in 5 minutes!

5 Minutes With Alex Riggs Interview For Kid Magazine - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

Alex is the powerhouse woman behind gorgeous kids label, Oobi, which she grew from her spare bedroom, into a market stall and now the popular label it is today. Alex has a love of colour, an eye for design and detail is a woman on a mission to "Oobi-fy the World"... 

Three words to describe your style



Trainer-obsessed (is that a word?)

Your top fashion brands

I love ACME for a splurge and find it hard to go past my local markets when I need something a bit fashion-y for some fun. It’s always nice to try and support other Aussie designers and chat to them about the fashion industry. There’s an incredible Indian designer, Ranna Gill who I am mad about. Every time I go to Delhi I have to swing by her store in case I don’t have enough party dresses and embroidered numbers to wear with my trainers. It’s a good thing that (in my opinion) she’s a little hit and miss, otherwise I’d have a wardrobe full of pretty things that I don’t wear. My lifestyle is gardening and hanging at the beach, my wardrobe says parties and events… there’s a bit of a disconnect.

Beauty product you swear by

This is a bit embarrassing but I was in the health food store about a year ago and saw that they were selling organic coconut oil in a spray can (for cooking). I checked the ingredients and it’s just coconut oil. The time poor and sensitive skinned person inside me had a little light bulb moment. And aha! Best hair treatment and body lotion on the planet. One can lasts me about 2 weeks and is about $7. And it’s soooooooo easy! I just spray myself from head to toe after my shower and it takes just minutes. In winter I spray my face too and in summer I use it as a hair treatment. I know that everyone uses coconut oil and this is no mystery, but the can… game changer!

Is that terrible? It’s so amazing I bought cans for all the girls in the office and all my friends. I’ve been converting people left-right-centre!

Advice for juggling it all and finding balance

Meditation. There are so many excuses not to start. You can’t find the time. You can’t do it. It’s hard work. I resisted it for so long, knowing that I “should” do it. Now I’m a regular practitioner and the payoff is extraordinary.

I believe that all people, kids, the time poor, everyone, could benefit from regular meditation. I’m no hippy and I’m not new age but it’s changed my life, helped me to be more mindful, helped me to make decisions with my heart as well as my head and helped me to sleep during stressful times.

Favourite room in your home

The balcony. It’s a small space that I’ve turned into a kitchen garden and orchid hospital. I never knew I could get so much pleasure from eating a home grown tomato or bringing a near dead plant back to life. When I sit out there on a balmy evening with a glass of wine and my book, or hang out there chatting with my hubby, all is right with the world.

Quote/Mantra you live by

Why not?

Shopping - online or bricks and mortar?


Technology you can't live without

Spotify! As a music lover this absolutely rocked my world. Being able to listen to pretty much anything at any time, whatever your heart desires or whatever you happen to feel like at that moment, it’s there. I just love it when I get a tune in my head and then, bam! I can listen to it. As someone who travels a lot it’s been an absolute godsend because no matter how big your record collection is (ok I’m old) you still get tired of those limitations.

Ultimate holiday destination

Anywhere. I don’t have an ultimate. On my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights (a long time dream of mine) but at the same time, there’s nothing better than gallery-hopping and eating (eating, eating) in Barcelona or lying on a beach eating fresh caught fish in Sri Lanka. I’m not a “hot holiday” or “cold holiday” person – I’m more of an experience person I guess.

But, saying all that, no matter where I go, I always think, there is no scenery or beach better than what we have in Australia. Our beaches are so amazing, so wherever I am, I’m always comparing. And for nature you only have to go to Uluru or Tasmania to appreciate what an incredible and diverse country this is - and well worth exploring.

What's next for Oobi?

A brand new website that we’ve been working on for many, many months. A trade show in New York and more distribution in Paris which is a growing market for me.

I love designing and creating new prints so that’s always on the ‘what’s next’ list. New ranges, new prints, new pieces for babies, girls and tweens. We’re about to launch a floral Autumn range (February) that was shot in Paris and then we have a really fun Winter range (March) with some very cool collaborations with some illustrators too.

Today (Wednesday) we launched our homewares “Sweet Toffee Apple” and some high summer pieces – so that’s really exciting!


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Thanks, Kid Magazine! It is an honour to be featured with you!

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