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Boing! Easter is one of our favourite times of year and it's not just because of the chocolate. Ok, it's mostly because of the chocolate Easter eggs…

Oobi Loves Easter - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

Easter is a great time for families and it's a holiday that resonates with kids. Collecting eggs and crafting are our abiding memories of Easter. And we love that chocolate, and crafting, can be merged together into one family celebration.

Kids love crafting and dressing up, so we've created a few pieces that should put a smile on your little one's faces. You can make or buy rabbit ears to play dress ups and our Bunny Bags are fantastic for Easter Egg Hunts.

Our Bead Boxes are great for long weekend activities for kids and will keep them active and engaged even if it's raining outside. And for long weekends, don't forget to check out our craft smocks and art tees, they're sweet with chalkboard fronts that can be drawn on - get creative! When you're painting and decorating Easter Eggs they're important for keeping clean (well, as clean as possible!).


DIY Easter Eggs

Happy almost Easter everyone :)

Posted by SALT Project on Friday, March 11, 2016


Our Bunny Tail brooches make us smile all the time and can be pinned like a brooch anywhere you like!

And any of our hats can be morphed into an Easter Bonnet - they're a great base for decorating an Easter Hat and showing off your style! Let's hope you win the Easter Bonnet Parade this Easter and enjoy your long weekend of crafting, eating and family fun!

You can find all these and more in our super cute Shop the Hop collection! 

Don't forget to share your Easter pics with us on Instagram and #oobi because every month we award prizes and share our favourites too!

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