Oobi Spotted: Alessandra Ambrosio's Daughter Anja Rocks Out in Oobi!

We all love Fleetwood Mac right? Ok.. well. I do.

I was pretty excited to wake up this morning and see Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter, Anja, rocking out in Oobi and singing Drowning in the Sea of Love by Fleetwood Mac in her Oobi Nordic Fur vest and jeans!


??? Drowning in the sea of love Where everyone would love to drown #fleetwoodmac #stevienicks #karaoke

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Obviously we’re totally over the moon that Alessandra’s daughter is an Oobi fan (in fact, she owns quite a few pieces from our range) but the other reason I was so happy was because this is a girl who clearly has confidence, a sense of fun, is having a great time, and, well, I think that she looks like she feels great and special!

She can have the whole world at her feet but she chooses to wear Oobi, a brand that celebrates childhood, colour, fun and joy. It’s age-appropriate and made for dancing and twirling and being a kid.

And that’s what we all want for our daughters, and nieces, and girls all over the world. A world where you can dance like the whole world is watching (to entirely paraphrase) because, why should we live in a space where we feel like “nobody’s watching”?

Let your flag fly! Be confident, sing the words, be the first to leap up and say “yeah, I’ll karaoke!” because that’s what life is all about.

So yeah, there are so many reasons for us to be pretty excited today. But mostly we want to sing at the top of our lungs and drown in a sea of love. Because that’s what it’s all about.

And fashion. It’s all about love, and fashion.


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