A Change is in the AirŠ

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Alexandra Riggs | 0 comments

Many many years ago, I don't even want to think about how many (OK, almost 15, shhhhhhh, makes me feel ancient!), I started my brand, Oobi, and created a little magical world. The range was all about my hand-drawn prints, amazingly bright colours, polkadots and a lot of quirk!

As you do when you start a business, I brainstormed one night with some friends (read: obsessively hassled my friends over glasses of wine and many, many pieces of cake) about how to create a label that was suitable for boys and girls and would sum up my feelings about design and quality. The label was born. Black with white text, classic and, I thought, very elegant. And, I still do - just by-the-by.

But as time moved on, and my brand evolved, I found over and over people didn't know what the label itself SAID. EEEEEK!

That's the problem with design. Sometimes you hit the mark, and sometimesŠ people don't know what you¹re trying to say! But I loved that label and I hung onto it. I guess because it meant so much to me. It was my first label and I remember being so proud of it.

So what to do? What a dilemma. And what about the vintage pieces that our customers loved too? And the pieces that mamas have kept in their stashes and have lasted forever, 15 years in some cases! They have my vintage/classic Oobi label and I must admit I have a very soft spot for that design.

But, times move on and in the end, I decided to keep the Black Label for vintage or classic Oobi pieces and design a new label with our Oobi Apple for other pieces that feel more appropriate.

So that's why you might see two different Oobi labels. One that's black with white text (that, hey, you probably can't read!) and one that is a bright red Oobi apple. I know that some of you are very attached to our original label, and some of you love the playfulness and child-like quality of the new label.


Which do you prefer? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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