Oobi-licious Sisters

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Audrey Turner | 0 comments

Does it get much cuter than sisters in matching outfits? Nope. And we are talking next-level cuteness when they're dressed up in mix & match Oobi!

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up with a big sister. She's about 2 years older than me, and I secretly loved it when my mom would have us wear matching outfits and pose for photos. My sister didn't appreciate it as much, so it rarely happened, which was a bummer. But our fab mamas have daughters who are a bit more cooperative than my sister and I were, and we love to see the pics they share! These Oobi-licious sisters are just divine... 

These moments are so special. They make me think about how fun it was to grow up with a sister - she's a built in BFF who was always there for you, looked out for you, played games with you, and yes, occasionally dressed like you (or, if you were my sister, you got someone who "borrowed" your clothes. All the time. And forgot to return them. #whoops).

We love to see the silly moments, the happy memories, and the hand me downs from big sis to little sis - sharing special clothes through the years. It's amazing to see!

We were so inspired by these pics of Oobi sisters that we collected a few of them to share (although we love them all!). We hope they brighten your day! 

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