Happy Mother's Day from Oobi!

Posted on May 06, 2016 by Alexandra Riggs | 0 comments

Shout out to our mums - Happy Mother's Day! We hope that you get at least an extra hour of sleep this morning? And if not, a coffee in bed. Or two. Big wet smooches works too. But after a first sip of coffee, right?

For our blog today, we asked our Oobi mamas to share the limelight with their Oobi-licious girls and received so many tender, loving and fun moments between mamas and their daughters. 

It's a reminder that there is an amazing woman behind the camera, capturing all the incredible photos that are shared with us. It's also a reminder to get in the frame. In light of that, we're so happy to share the beautiful pics today to celebrate our mums.

And thank you, we absolutely loved looking through all of your photos and chatting about them too on Oobi Scrapbook.

We are touched that you include us in your little one's lives for all their special moments - and in the everyday moments too. And we were blown away by how many pics we received. 

Thank you, to our mums, and to our Oobi mamas! For all that you do, all that you've done and for sharing moments in time with us. We wouldn't be Oobi without you!


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