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It Started with an Apple...

March 04, 2015

It Started with an Apple...

Our 7 th year win as Australia’s Favourite Children’s Fashion Label and Favourite Online Store came as a huge surprise to us all, but we were equally surprised and blown away by all the sweet messages and photos sent in as celebration of our win.

 Thank you so much to all our wonderful Oobi mamas who shared photos of their Apple-licious Oobis. It was a difficult task to select just one winner in the $500 Wardrobe prize but we couldn’t resist our lovely Oobi Mama Julie’s 3 little girls growing up in a Oobi collage!

 We asked Julie to write a little something about her love for Oobi and how it all started with an apple…

I was doing my daily trawl through my Facebook news feed when I spotted it, an apples competition! I normally don’t enter competitions as I’m neither a great photographer nor especially creative but I couldn’t resist entering. The reason: Oobi’s apple print was where my love affair with the brand began many years ago.

When my middle daughter was only a few months old I got my first piece of Oobi... an apple print tennis skirt. She wore it often and we always received loads of comments on it. I loved the print as it was so different to what I had seen in all the usual places. It was bright, fun, girly and age appropriate, all the things I looked for in a girls clothing brand! From there I slowly began to build up an apples collection.

It was then that I realised that Oobi was so much more then simply beautiful was a community. A community created so lovingly by an amazing, talented designer and her team. All so helpful and genuine. 

A warehouse sale, online Facebook group and a chance encounter with another devoted Oobi mama soon followed. I came across so many other mums just like me and bought a few other mums along for the ride. We were strangers yet chatted like old friends and bonded over the gorgeous clothes our children would wear.


I often wonder if Alex understands the magnitude of the legacy she has created, which extends way beyond the garments she designs. All different ladies, from so many walks of life have come together to support each other through happy times, sad times and everything in between. Life long friendships have been made.

So this is what led me to go through all those years worth of photos to find the many memories we made with the apples print. Winning the prize was an unexpected bonus which I’m extremely appreciative of. Three little girls and many, many Oobi outfits later we are richer (or poorer if the bank balance is the judge!) for having found that tennis skirt all those years ago. Thankyou Alex and all the Big Oobi’s, the prize was amazing but its the other things you have given me which are worth more than a dollar amount

Julie xoxo

Thankyou so much for sharing your Oobi journey with us Julie,

Lots of Love

Alex & The Big Oobis xx

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