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We have a talented bunch of mamas that make up our wonderful community. We absolutely love seeing our Little Oobi's photographed in amazing locations.

One Oobi mama has been posting beautiful snaps of her 3 children in Oobi for over 7 years and she is now a photographer full time! We couldn't resist sharing some of her cherished photographs we also asked Summer to write a little about about her inspirations and how Oobi became one of her much loved brands.

Thanks so much Summer Rain for letting us share xx

Hi my name is Summer Rain.  I am a mother to 3 gorgeous children.. Mia 7 Ruby 5 and Sonny Boy  1 .. I have lived in the Whitsundays , Airlie beach North Queensland for 10 years.

1 ...How  did i get into photography...

Photography has always been something I have loved and remember watching my dad click away with old film cameras..

Since  having kids my love for photography blossomed.  Living in the whitsundays  being spoilt for stunning locations I would put them in some gorgeous Oobi outfits and take off to do some  photos.

Sharing on social media I got lots of local interest in doing shoots  for families and kids .. I am now a full time photographer and love my job very much...

2... When did I discover Oobi...

When my first daughter Mia was born I was shopping in a local baby shop "cherrie baby" and  spotted a stunning layered spotty and colorful skirt (pop dots April skirt ).. it was Mia's first piece of Oobi and after that I was hooked. Loved the designs. The materials. The colours, the retro feel... it soon escalated to a huge collection of Oobi with all matching accessories and hats.. which i still have tucked away :)

3 ..  my favourite Oobi piece to photograph..

I love every piece... but my all time favourite is the Garden Party Pink Roses Dress . I love the  style, the fit and light cotton material is perfect for this warm climate... It's also Mia's favourite dress  to wear!

Discovering Oobi 7 years ago I have met so many lovely mums online. I love seeing posts of their children in new and vintage Oobi... I have also caught up with a few families  that have come on holidays to Airlie beach!

Keep up the amazing designs  Big Oobis ...  always love dressing my children in Oobi <3

Check out more of Summer Rain Photography here.

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