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Our gorgeous Barefoot Princesses Collection recently featured on Babyology!

A Big thank you to Libby for this wonderful write up! xx

While the weather is still chilly in the southern states, spring is most definitely in the air with the release of the most gorgeous new range from Babyology fashion favourite, Oobi. I still remember the moment I fell in love with Oobi clothing. It was six years ago, and I spied the most adorable red corduroy dress in a shopfront window. I had been on the hunt for girly, but not overly pink, clothing for my daughter, and I was smitten. Six years and three daughters down the track, it is safe to say that the red cord dress has been thoroughly worn, and many more Oobi items as well. And luckily for one, or perhaps more of my daughters, the Spring/Summer 2015 Barefoot Princesses collection from Oobi also has my heart. 

The Barefoot Princesses collection celebrates the magic of childhood. Designer Alexandra Riggs says, “The Barefoot Princesses celebrates a childhood where everything is magical. The name Barefoot Princesses is a reference to our casual Aussie lifestyle, where there is a laid-back and ‘barefoot’ feeling – even when you’re dressed like a princess!”. Of course, you may have a daughter like mine, who is literally barefoot most of the time, and this range seems just perfect for her! 

Once again, Oobi have produced an adorable girly collection of clothing that is more than simply pink. Delicate painted florals and tiny roses teamed with frills and tulle make this range perfect for a spring wedding or play in the park – such is the versatility of Oobi. 

The Barefoot Princesses range is available from Oobi in sizes from newborn up to thirteen. Additionally, with the release of this range, Oobi are introducing their own charitable program – Oobi-fy The World – where they pledge to donate an Oobi garment for every piece sold from the Barefoot Princesses range to a child in need. How gorgeous. 

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