April 09, 2015

Lights, cameras, ACTION! All our Little Oobis are superstars! And we absolutely love seeing them shine bright in so many ways!! Did you know one of our adorable Oobi models Miss Mila was lucky enough to be picked as Nina's (played by Asher Keddie) daughter on the hit Australian TV show Offspring! We caught up with gorgeous Oobi mama Melissa and her beautiful daughter Miss Mila and asked a few questions about their amazing experience on Offspring and also on her first ever Oobi photo shoot!



(See when Mila made her TV debut in the clip above!)

1. How did the opportunity to be apart of Offspring come up for you and Miss M?

We saw a callout on facebook for a 3 month old baby for a popular TV series and even though Mila was 5 months at the time she was so tiny that she got the measurements. So we responded and got a call to attend a casting and that's when we found out it was for Nina's younger baby on Offspring. I could barely contain my excitement, but tried not to get my hopes up as I thought they may go for more of a fairer baby to like Nina. So when we got the call that she had it we were ecstatic! Apparently they wanted a baby with darker features to remind Nina of Patrick. Lucky for us!!


2. Has Miss M enjoyed the experience?

I think she did. She was pretty relaxed and calm for the whole day and it is so great now to have it to look back on. She loves watching herself on the video pointing at the "bubba" on the screen.

3. Would you like to share any memorable moments from your Little Oobi’s time on the Offspring set?

The whole day was memorable for me being a huge fan of the show, but I think the funniest moment was when they were shooting the final scene with her and Nina on the couch.
Nina was quite upset as she was thinking of Patrick and when they planned to Mila she had the biggest smile on her face! I heard them yell "cut! Let's try it again the babies too happy!!!" So they re-shot it with her looking more suitably somber :)
It was a great experience and the whole cast made us both feel so welcome that we would definitely love to be involved in another TV show if the opportunity arose.

Mila O

4. Had you heard of Oobi before Sheena’s photoshoot?

Absolutely! We love the beautiful prints and pretty designs. The Oobi style really suits Mila's Princess personality!

5. How did you feel being asked to be in a Oobi photo shoot?

We were thrilled! Mila has been involved in a few fashion shoots in the past; including a couple with Sheena, and she loves being the centre of attention.

6. What was your favourite Oobi garment that Miss M wore on the shoot?

My favorite was definitely the Harper Pink Painted floral dress. It is such a bold use of different colours and prints that all work so well together. And when paired with the spotted knee high socks it make the most gorgeous party dress!

mila o2

7. What do you think Mila’s favorite piece from the shoot was?

I think she really liked the Lamby blue painted floral vest. She loved the feel of the soft fur which I think reminded her of her plush elephant "Ellie" who goes everywhere with us.

Thankyou Melissa for sharing your little superstar's story with us xoxo

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