March 17, 2015


Brrrrhhhhhh…. The Winter months are upon us and we're so excited to officially announce the release of our Winter Storybook range. It's a floral themed story perfect for a woodland girl! The Winter Storybook is a range designed and developed by Alexandra Riggs and will be online and in stores from the 26th of March, 2015. Oobi Alex has created a fun, floral wonderland this winter and your Little Oobi will feel like she's walking through a field of flowers.


We asked Oobi Alex to share with us her inspiration behind this collection.

I've sourced and collected vintage and retro florals, redrawn them and redesigned them to fit into the Oobi aesthetic. They've also been recoloured by hand and screen printed to ensure that the colours are representative of a softer, older time before everything was computerised. The element of human touch, the act of hand painting and hand drawing, makes these fabrics unique and special. It's almost intangible but you can sense that these aren't just reproductions or modern prints.


This is what I love about florals. You can take a million flowers of a million different kinds but they don't all speak to you. With the eye of a vintage print collector and fabric lover, even a long forgotten print can be renewed and re... loved, to make it beautiful and fresh and exciting again.

I've been collecting vintage fabrics, drawings, buttons, lace and wallpapers for years and it's a real passion of mine. The best part is that I get to share that with other people who also have a passion for a vintage aesthetic and love a gorgeous, rich floral. It's so amazing how many people respond to these and really get it.


So here we have two really special prints. Pink Roses and Blue Roses, divine, bold and rich roses with a modern element that is rich and exciting. And Painted Pink Floral and Painted Blue Floral. The unexpected combination of colours, the amazing pop of cornflower in the most soft and gentle way, the painterly texture and the harmony of colours makes me happy.


Of course it's not just about the fabrics, it's about the designs that should work harmoniously with the fabrics. The slightly vintage, slightly retro aesthetic - but modernised to make them relevant and work day-to-day. Oobi garments should make YOU happy, should make you smile and get your little one noticed. I'm amazed by how often I hear from mamas that their child is stopped in the streets or cafes or parties with compliments on how gorgeous they look. And hopefully that makes your Little Oobi happy too! Clothes, at the end of the day, should be FUN.


Love, Oobi Alex xox

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