Little Oobi Stars- Part Two

March 10, 2015 3 min read

Little Oobi Stars- Part Two - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

There are so many Little Oobi Stars in the making and we absolutely love sharing their stories! It was so exciting so see photos of Oobi Mama Raven's gorgeous daughters showing off their very envious Oobi wardrobe whilst working on set of a new Australian sci-fi action film Blue World Order. We caught up with Raven and her beautiful daughter's and asked a few questions about their amazing experience!


How did the opportunity to be a part of the film arise?

Everyone knows that my girls love the camera . Madison has had the pleasure of modelling for Oobi and loved every minute of it.
So when a friend saw that one of the directors of Blue World Order was looking for a little girl between the ages of 8-10 , she knew that Billie and Maddi would be perfect. She put us in touch with Chè Baker , a co Director of the film . He organised for us to audition in Sydney one day in the December Holidays.
I thought that even if they didn't get the part, it would be a great day out and an awesome story to tell all their friends when they went back to school. To my surprise Billie was offered the part. I couldn't have been prouder .


Did your little oobi's enjoy the experience ?

Billie is usually a bit camera shy for me . However she sure can turn it on for anyone who isn't her mother . She loves being the centre of attention .  Her character , Molly, is the last child alive on Earth, so she is the only child on set ( when we aren't all there cheering her on) .
She has had the enormous pleasure of working with some great actors. Her most recent scenes were with Aussie icon Jack Thompson.  He is such a gentleman and was so kind to her.
How can you not love showing up to work everyday , having your hair curled , being dressed and doing what you love .
The little oobi's and I loved being there , watching her film.  We are all so proud of her.  It has been an amazing experience and we have all loved it .

image8image7 image2

Do any have aspirations to be actors?

I think that after this experience , they all want to explore the world of film.
I'm so happy that they've have such a fabulous first glimpse into the world of acting. Who knows where we might take it.  I don't doubt for a second that you will see these girls again real soon .

Why did you select Oobi as their wardrobe?

Well, we have been very big Oobi fans , lovers and wearers for some years now.
So naturally it's about all my children wear.
When we are on set I love to be able to see them at a glance . Nothing makes them stand out more than spots , stripes and pops of colour.
Oobi is so much fun to wear. My girls love tutus and all things spotty and bright. Oobi capture this perfectly.
Oobi makes it so easy for the girls to look stylish and fun .

image4 image5

Would you like to Share any memorable moments ?

That's a hard one. This whole experience will be a lasting memory for our whole family.

The whole cast and crew were very kind and spoilt the girls with hot chocolates and surprises of colouring in books and games to play. They always went out of their way to make sure we were all happy.

Billie will always remember spending her 10th Birthday in Canberra with the crew and production team. They put us up in a hotel for the night and even bought Billie a delicious cake to celebrate .

I think one of the most memorable moments will be just hanging out with so many talented people. Getting to experience so many new things.
Getting to see parts of Canberra that we wouldn't have seen if not for this movie. We were even lucky enough to have a chance to film a few scenes with Billie in one of the original Delorean's that was used in Back to the Future . That was a pretty incredible experience.  One we won't ever forget.

If you would like to follow our journey
please  head over and like our Facebook page , Blue World Orderfor more updates and pictures.

- Raven xox

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