March 09, 2015

Lights, cameras, ACTION! All our Little Oobis are superstars! And we absolutely love seeing them shine bright in so many ways. We were so proud to see two Oobi girls rocking some very Oobi-licious outfits in the latest Paddle Pop Fiji campaign! We caught up with gorgeous Oobi mama Gabbie and her beautiful daughter Miss Amalie and asked a few questions about their amazing experience!

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  1. How did the opportunity to be apart of the ad come up for you and Miss A?

Amalie and I were doing our grocery shopping and I noticed a lady staring at Amalie. Every aisle we walked down, this woman was walking towards us, staring and smiling at Amalie, who was being her usual chatted box self. We ended up at the deli area and the lady approached me telling me she was a talent scout and thought that Amalie would be perfect for a Streets Ice cream commercial.

  1. Did Miss A enjoy the experience?

Amalie had an absolute blast shooting the commercial! It was a very hot day being Fiji, and she got to eat so many ice-creams because they were melting so fast. In her words it was "the best day ever". I think the ice-cream consumption had a lot to do with that.

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  1. Does Miss A have aspirations in becoming an actor?

Amalie wants to be a face painting singing artist.

  1. Why did you select Oobi for Miss A's wardrobe on the ad?

Amalie has grown up wearing Oobi and as soon as the commercial director told us that the kids had to wear something bright, summery and child appropriate my first thought was Oobi. We took along some extra Oobi dresses and they had another gorgeous little Fijian girl wearing a Oobi dress also.


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  1. Would you like to share any memorable moments from your Little Oobi's time on "set"?

The most memorable moments were seeing all the kids eating copious amounts of fast melting ice-creams and keeping themselves remarkably clean!!! The kids had such a great time and the day was full of laughter, ice-cream and fun. Seeing the commercial in years to come will always remind us of our amazing time spent here in Fiji and of a day spent eating ice cream under coconut trees by the sea.


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