Let's hear it for the boys...

Oobi founder and designer Alexandra Riggs reminisces about her love of designing Oobi Boys and shares her insight into the exciting future path for Oobi...

Boys, boys, boys! That's how the song goes. Everyone knows that first
line but what comes after that?

When I launched the Oobi range more than 10 years ago it was an even
mixture of boy's and girl's fashion. I only went to 3 years and the
ranges were about equal in size. In fact, at the beginning, Oobi baby
boy's clothes were in high demand and very different in a world of quite
conservative "little man" type fashion.


Back then there were amazing labels starting to do really cool street
wear and surf wear for little boys, forging a new path in that fashion
world. And now I'm struck by how much things have changed over the last
10 or so years. Boys can look just as cool and dressed up as their
sisters and learn to love fashion at an early age too. I'm all for that!

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Oobi boys fashion has always been a passion of mine and there are some
garments which, for me, are garments that I am proud to have designed and
proud to have put 'out there'. Of course the birth of my nephew Milo was
a great influence for me and I'm happy to say that he's been wearing
Oobi for 8 years and has even featured in some photo shoots! The Milo
jacket, Military Coat (his nickname is Milly) and even the Milly dress
are all named after him (bet you didn't know that!).

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So what does come next? After "Boys, Boys, Boys" I have to say that, with
a very heavy heart, I'm no longer going to design boy's fashion for Oobi.
The decision I know will upset a good many of you who have supported Oobi
boys fashion over the years. But as we are still a boutique label and we
don't have the power to back all of the ventures that we'd like to back,
I had to make some tough decisions after this winter release.

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In light of this news I'd like to end on a happy note and confirm that we
are branching out into a "Tween" range for girls (7-11 years) and also
expanding on our gorgeous home-wares - plus other exciting projects!

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So... to all the boys I've loved before (oh dear, another cheesy song),
I'm sorry. I've LOVED designing for you, I've loved being a part of your
life, your birthdays, your milestones and your world. Maybe you'll have a
little girl yourself one day and reminisce that you used to wear the same
label your daughter wears. But until that time, I'm sad to say, bye bye.


Al xox

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