KidStyleFile Award

Thank you so much mums and dads of Australia & New Zealand, you have voted us #1 in the KidStyleFile "Favourite Children's Fashion Label" for the SIXTH YEAR RUNNING!!!


"We run the Annual Reader Survey every year. We ran the 6th edition last year (2013). Six years running Oobi Baby & Kids has topped the polls in response to the question “What are your favourite designers or brands of children’s clothing?” and in 2013 they also topped the polls for the question "What is your favourite baby and kids store?" Over 30,000 responses were recorded for favourite brands/designers and favourite baby and kids stores. Responses were made into free text fields that respondents could write directly in to. There were no shortlist nominations and no drop down boxes to influence respondent input, resulting in a truly honest representation of respondent opinion.

Oobi's result is a remarkable feat as they have comfortably achieved the number 1 position against established multinational brands with far more marketing power. It's a very good sign for Oobi in particular and boutique brands as a whole - it shows that it is possible to follow your passion, express your individuality and be successful in the major league. Designer Alex Riggs has uncompromisingly channelled her personality into her brand; it's accessible, and focuses on quality at a great price point which further compounds its nostalgic appeal. Oobi has a real X factor that transcends trend-based fashion and appeals to a very wide audience. Oobi Baby & Kids is a stayer and I see them remaining very popular in the years to come."- Angela Anderson KidStyleFile

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