Most Colourful Bunch at the Park

November 15, 2013 2 min read

Most Colourful Bunch At The Park - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

Oobi Mum Raven Rutherford is a mother to 4 beautiful girls– Billie, Madison, Charlotte and Harper. Through her love of dressing her girls in Oobi she's connected with likeminded fans and this has blossomed into beautiful friendships all over the country. Here she shares with us her story and what’s it like being an Oobi Mum.
Thank you Raven - Love the Big Oobis xox

What’s it like to be an Oobi mum? For me it’s about the excitement of watching my 4 year olds face light up when the mail arrives. “ Is it Oobi? “ she asks. We delight in opening the parcels and seeing all the colour, she twirls and spins in her new dresses and skirts. Being the mum of 4 Beautiful daughters means I get 4 times the delight, I get to watch them all develop their own style. Billie likes long dresses, Madison likes red, Charlotte likes anything that twirls and little Harper is only 3 months old so she likes whatever mummy likes (which is a lot). Our children are all so unique and that’s why I love dressing them in Oobi, their colours are vibrant and their designs are one of a kind. Through my love of Oobi I have been very lucky to stumble across a close knit group of ladies. We all share one thing in common, we all LOVE Oobi. Who would have thought a clothing label would bring women together from all over the country. I’m very thankful to have these ladies in my life.



During the recent school holidays a few of us got together at the Botanic Gardens. When we arrived my almost 9 yr old said “I can tell these are your friends mum, they’re all wearing Oobi”
Some of the women I had never met, but as soon as I spotted the Oobi I knew they were Oobi mums. We were the most colourful bunch at the park, I loved that when I looked up there was a sea of colour, a sea of Oobi. When one of the ladies returned home that evening her daughter said to her dad “Dad I made heaps of new friends” and then she started naming everyone and then she said “and you know what, they all wear the same clothes as me ” it sounded so cute! I love our get togethers, I dream of the day we can have one big Oobi get together and I can meet all of the special women in our group. We may be spread out all over the country but we are all there for each other when it really counts. I love my OMG mummas!!! I LOVE being a mum and I LOVE being an Oobi mum.


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