Being an Oobi Mum

We really enjoy hearing about the many Oobi friendships formed by mums all over Australia and the world. It really makes us proud that our designs bring so many mums together over their love for Oobi. Oobi Mum Macarena is an amazing supporter of Oobi and her daughter Miss Issey always looks gorgeous in our collection. She will soon be welcoming a new addition to the family and we can't wait to see the photos. Recently she met up with several Oobi Mums and bubs over milkshakes and cakes. We asked Macarena to share her story on the day and her thoughts on being an Oobi Mum. Thank you Macarena for sharing your story and photos ~ Love The Big Oobis




Being a mum has to be the most wonderful job in this world, but being an Oobi mum is a privilege that I am grateful to have found for so many reasons. The journey for me started before I was open to using Facebook, but once I joined in 2010 i quickly discovered a new world of fashion & colour, new and vintage pieces of children's clothing and a community of women whom have changed my life for the better. I have been blessed to meet most of the original MOM's, as well as many new Melbourne Oobi mums and their Oobi babies & kids along the way, and all of them have touched my heart in one way or other, my Oobi network extends to some truly amazing women I have yet to meet from all around Australia. These women are not only loving & caring but most of all they are mums like me, they are loving, kind and compassionate and have become a huge support to me on a daily basis, they are women I call friends. My Oobi mum friends.


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I love that together we can share a love for dressing our children without judgement or having to justify why our children need a beautiful new wardrobe every season, our children are the key to our hearts and we all want the best for them. It warms my heart to hear people constantly make remarks about how beautiful all our children look when we get together. This week we had a mini meet at the Collingwood Children's farm, we missed a few mums that couldn't make it, but there was 6 of us mums and 10.8 little Oobi babies & kids (counting my little bundle of Oobi who is due in 6 weeks), even though the weather in Melbourne was not kind to us to show off our summer collections, style tips, my obsession with little bows and size advice all the children were looking deliciously Oobified. Needless to mention a lot of the talk was on the amazing new Italian Riviera collection!! The weather wasn't fabulous, and we were never going to get a perfect picture, but I did manage to capture a few moment I can treasure forever.

So what does being an Oobi mum mean to me, it means a splash of colours, endless combinations of tones, seasons and accessories, fashionable children; the sounds of children laughing happily as they play together and look stunning as they do it. It means coffees and cupcakes & off course milkshakes and celebrating a brand that has bought us together, given me friends which i hope i will have for a life time, and for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart Alex & all the Oobis xx ~ Macarena


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