August 12, 2013

When I first started the Oobi Baby & Kids Facebook page, I didn’t have any Likers and I didn’t even use Facebook really, so I just started the Oobi page and made a few random comments and then came back a week later – only to find that we had some Likers. Almost 300 in fact. And I thought, “what? People want to chat to me? This is GREAT!” So I did some silly things like wear my Barbie Doll shoes (to prove that I had a pair of shoes exactly like one gorgeous Perth Oobi Baby – they are silver with bows on the front... I know, I know, throw them out!) and chatted and had giggles and got pretty weepy at times – all that good stuff! It was lots of fun, we were so silly, maybe it had something to do with chatting late into the night but we always had a blast.

Our Facebook page was made up of a small close-knit group of passionate mums. The Melbourne Oobi Mums (MOMs) were one of the first groups of mums to support my designs and we all became fast “web” friends. They formed a strong bond through the page and have been friends ever since. Through the photos they shared on the page over the years, I saw their gorgeous little Oobis grow up from bloomers to dresses (or nappy covers to shorts). And I’ve even hung out with a few of them whenever I go to Melbourne – which is not often enough!

I can’t tell you how much I adore these women, these crazy, rosette-wearing, lovable, loyal and beautiful women! I mean, they are really FUN – and they really embraced all us Oobis (especially Vela – eh?? Wink wink!). They have always made me feel very loved and very special and I think that’s a testament to how lovely and special they are themselves.

I flew down recently to join them in the 10 Year Birthday Party they hosted. There was a piñata cake and everything. Thanks Linda for the wonderful photos which we’ve shared here as well as the Happy Birthday message from the divine caravan (I have a BIG soft spot for a caravan, I even honeymooned in one!).

Friendships have blossomed all over the country and I think that’s amazing. I think you have to be a bit left-of-centre to like Oobi, I think you have to really embrace your inner child and love colour and pattern and quirkyness. Well, that’s what I feel like I design and I hope you agree.

Here is the gorgeous story of how the MOMs formed their friendships through the love of Oobi, their uniqueness, and their children.

Oobi Alex

P.S. I haven’t mentioned the other Oobi Mamas only because this is a story about the Melbourne Oobi Mamas but we’d love to hear your experiences of Oobi over the years – I have some very fond memories of many of you!


We call ourselves MOMs ie Melbourne Oobi Mums. We were probably the 1st group of Oobi mums who decided to get together one fine Spring day in November 2010, at the suggestion of Gabrielle, for an afternoon tea party to meet those little Oobis who we see so often in photos posted on the Oobi facebook page. I guess you could say everyone was curious and at the same time, excited that there were other people who shared the same passion about Oobi! It seems we have known each other forever yet it was about two and a half-years ago when the Oobi friendship story began amongst the MOMs. Subsequently, the MOMs met other Oobi mums whilst out shopping with their little Oobis as those familiar faces from the Oobi facebook page were recognised!


MOMs Tea Party  75611_495717056094_715056094_7137144_6357389_n

Claire and Linda decided to organize an Oobi Easter tea party in April 2011 and it was here that we met Kim, Kimberly, Ling, Gemma and Jac. By this time, the MOMs were enjoying their newfound friendships and their coffee dates. The little Oobis seem to just “click” and play happily together.

We were delighted when our interstate Oobi mums wanted to meet us. In June 2011, Gillian from WA made a trip with her little Oobis, Dean and Alyssa to Melbourne. The MOMs had coffee with Gillian and we got on like a house on fire! Then, lovely Sonia from WA also came to Melbourne in August 2011 and we had the opportunity to meet her while she cooed over and cuddled our little Oobis! Thereafter, Oobi Alex and Oobi Bek came to Melbourne in October 2011 – lovely Julie from Cradle Rock arranged a morning tea for us and everyone was so nervous and star-struck to meet designer Oobi Alex and Oobi Bek! Of course, Oobi Alex and Oobi Bek were so modest and lovely that the MOMs warmed up to them immediately!


185567_10150282039004432_2357459_n  229653_10150282039784432_555804_n

2011 was an exciting year for us, MOMs! Shortly after Oobi Alex and Oobi Bek’s visit, another interstate Oobi mum and Oobi photographer, Jen came to Melbourne in October 2011. We decided to hold another Oobi tea party – the little Oobis had fun meeting and playing with James and Olivia! Two weeks later, Oobi mum, Ren from WA visited Melbourne with Aliyah, Madelyn and Camdyn. We felt so privileged to meet these little Oobis from all over Australia and they all looked even cuter in person than in photos!




By this time, the MOMs were meeting regularly in person and not just on facebook. Oobi mum, Nikki from Tasmania moved to Melbourne and became one of us. In November 2011, lovely Kim, Ling and Kimberly hosted an Oobi Christmas party for the MOMs. We were all amazed by their party styling skills and generosity. The MOMs also roared with laughter as Oobi mum, Kim stuffed a pillow on her flat tummy to dress up as Santa, made an appearance to the wide-eyed little Oobis with her sack of Christmas presents and bellowed, “HO!HO!HO! Merry Christmas!”


MOMs Jen Rayner Photograph


In January 2012, the MOMs hosted a National Oobi tea party. The MOMs were delighted when Oobi Mum, Roanna who was visiting from Scotland was able to attend the tea party with her little Oobis, Lawlyn &Ella and Sydney Oobi mum, Carly also attended with delightful little Ava. Oobi Alex and Oobi Bek both attended the National Oobi tea party. We met lots of other Melbourne Oobi mums and had fun on a very hot Summer day! Later in that year, we had the privilege of meeting Oobi mum, Kristin from NSW. Oobi mums, Ren and Gillian from WA, and Jen from Tasmania visited Melbourne again in 2012 and partied with us. During those MOMs’ nights out with interstate Oobi mums and the Big Oobis, we have seen some extraordinary singing at karaoke and dancing…it just goes to show everyone has hidden talents besides having a good eye for fashion!


402133_10150511738850819_554525818_9198511_994925411_n  403960_3187013194667_1245902276_33431561_1249431848_n

We have shared many experiences including welcoming three new Oobi babies ie Olivia, Bianca and Caden into this world since the group first started! We have watched little Oobis learn to crawl, take their first steps, say their first few words then turning into little people with individual personalities! Our little Oobis have also formed a beautiful friendship and they call each other their “Oobi friends!” Lots of Oobi birthday parties were attended in the last year as we celebrated each little Oobi’s birthday milestone! MOMs Gabrielle, Bec and Vela have even made a trip to Sydney to grab some bargains from the Oobi warehouse sale for all the MOMs! Poor Vela missed the bus in Sydney and literally had to run behind the bus with Gabrielle and Bec onboard until she arrived in Botany Rd, Zetland! She is a good runner! Sometimes, we teasingly call her “Forrest” (after Forrest Gump)!

We are excited to hear that Oobi is celebrating their 10th birthday this year! We are grateful to Oobi for their passion in creating adorable, eye-catching and stylish clothing for our little Oobis and for the wonderful friendships we have found through the Oobi facebook page!

In honour of Oobi’s 10th birthday, we had an Oobi tea party in true Oobi style…a whimsical, retro and elegant tea party in a pink vintage caravan! Congratulations, Oobi for achieving 10 years of Oobiness! We wish you the very best for the future!

Love, the MOMs xoxo


Oobi Cake   IMG_9587

IMG_9509   IMG_9517

IMG_9511   IMG_9513

IMG_9548   IMG_9530   IMG_9532

IMG_9523   IMG_9528

IMG_9555   IMG_9531

IMG_9581   IMG_9591

IMG_9564   IMG_9537   IMG_9533

IMG_9545    IMG_9578

IMG_9570   IMG_9560   IMG_9565

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