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My First Week as an Oobi

November 06, 2015

My First Week as an Oobi

Hello! My name is Audrey, and I'm the newest member of the Oobi family. Nice to meet you!

Today marks the end of my second week, and I must say, it's been all champagne and cake - no, really, we've already had champagne  and cake! What a gig :)

I knew, before I started working here, that this was going to be a fun job. If you've ever attended an Oobi party, you know the show room is basically a whimsical playland adorned with fun clothes, charming retro toys, colourful props, and awesome furniture. And the Big Oobi's - talk about gorgeous, fun people. Going into my first day, I was really excited - how could you have a bad day when you're working in such a cool environment, providing such great clothes?

And I also knew, from my interview, that there was a very positive community that has grown around the Oobi brand. Alex told me about the Oobi Mums whose children have grown up in our clothes and who have been our endless supporters. But I had no idea how much it feels like family between Oobi and our customers.

On my first day, Alex introduced me to the mums in Oobi's Facebook group, and I was welcomed with heaps of messages and warm fuzzies - and even a few friend requests! And each mum I've spoken to, emailed, or chatted with on Facebook has just been the loveliest. At the end of my first week, I was shocked - but more like dazzled. From a customer care perspective, it really is amazing to experience the ease and understanding that our customers share with us. How they don't mind reaching out to us with questions, providing us with feedback, and sharing photos of their Little Oobi's decked out in our clothes.

I believe this fabulous community shows just how  good Oobi is. It's a testament to our ethos, to the confidence we have in our products, and to the investment we have in each customer's experience and satisfaction. Our customers trust us to provide them with great products, and to help them if an issue arises - and it's not something any of us take for granted. I personally adore the way our customers feel like family. When a mum shares photos with us from milestone birthdays, holidays, or even just a Tuesday afternoon, I can't help but smile. I love that we get a role in those precious memories, and that our mums want to share these moments with us.

Really... how could you have a bad day when you're working in such a cool environment, with such a great community?

Oobi Audrey

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