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Blog Spotlight - Four Cheeky Monkeys

We love Ness and her blog, Four Cheeky Monkeys, where she dishes on design, style, all things bright and colourful, and of course, her four cheeky little monkeys. We are so honoured that she wrote about us in a beautiful post, and shared her gorgeous girls in amazing photos! 

Thank you for including us, Ness! You brought us all to tears! xox



Blog Spotlight - Four Cheeky Monkeys - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

Oobi, I can still recall the very first time I saw an Oobi product. It was years ago when Ocea was just a baby. We were at my friend’s place and her little girl had the most adorable ruffled skirt on.

Of course with heart eyes pinging I had to ask, “where did you get that?”.

She replied, “It’s a label, called Oobi”.

INSTANTLY, I was in love.

I went straight home, googled ‘OOBI’ and purchased two of the cutest retro inspired dresses I have seen. I still have these a-line shift dresses I bought over 6 years ago. One has a rainbow heart pattern, the other is a pastel orange with white spots and light blue trim. They are still as adorable as ever! Both proudly hang in Indi’s wardrobe, ready for the day her cute little face will fill her sister’s hand-me-downs.

That’s the thing about Oobi, the vintage inspired playful designs means that they never date, they just get better with age! No chips and sauce in Oobi please, these ones are keepers!

So why all the heart eyes for Oobi? Well, it could be the vintage inspired fabrics, or maybe it’s the incredible cut. Then again it may possibly be the gorgeous founder Alex Riggs with her inspiring ethos of ‘let them be little’. Something that really resonates with me.

Or maybe its the fact that Oobi is a brand with a social conscience who gives back to those less fortunate with their ‘Oobify The World” program. Donating an item of clothing to a child in need for every new item of Oobi clothing purchased. If that’s not just BEYOND awesome, I don’t know what is!

What ever it is, Oobi has IT and we’re obsessed!!!

Blog Spotlight - Four Cheeky Monkeys - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

With hand on heart, I can honestly say that we have all the heart eyes for Oobi. My monkeys have their happy on and we are stoked to “Oobify The World!”.

To check out the magic of Oobi for yourselves click here!

We hope your day is filled with happy!

love ness and fam  X


Check out the original post and see more gorgeous photos from Ness' blog on Four Cheeky Monkeys!

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