Add a Little Bit of Sparkle

Shimmer and sparkle with our new-in Sparkly Maxines, Socks & Tights, and Headbands! We love how these give a nice touch to any outfit, whether it's summer or winter.

Sparkly pink cardigan

So pretty and so shimmery, our gorgeous Maxine with a little lurex shine is exactly the kind of light you need in your life. 

Silver sparkly cardigan

With a perfect fit, and soft cotton base, your little one is going to love this piece for years. Sweet little crystal buttons complete this sparkly look. Sizes up to 9Y.

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Blue sparkly socks

Pink sparkle socks

Shimmer and shine bright with our beautiful cotton socks. Lurex thread gives it a subtle sparkle, designed to stay up and to shine.

Teal sparkly tights

Pink tights sparkly

Made from extremely high quality cotton, these tights not only stay up, but are beautiful and designed to shine. The waistband is a soft but strong elastic that ensures no twists, and an excellent fit. 

Gold headband

White sparkle headband

Our Sparkle Headbands are the perfect cherry on top of any outfit! Made of soft elastic, it's designed for comfort and fun. 

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