November 10, 2016

Our Oobi and Wooden You Dollcompetition went live on the 27 th of October and we sure got some amazing applications. The amazing Wooden You x Oobi Dolls are created by Kate Marino.

 The top three winners are going to be chosen by a very special fashionista judge! This lady sure knows her fashion and I am sure it will be a very difficult choice… we are awaiting her pick and cant wait to announce the Winners.

I wanted to share all of the amazing photos we received as they all made our day and the quotes are amazing.. We really appreciate all the amazing photos and kind words you said about both Oobi And Wooden You …

Kelly's Little Oobi "My Daughter would love to win an Oobi Doll that is wearing the same dress as she has. Twinning !! It would be bright and fun and the best thing is that no one will have the same doll... So Special" 

Sarah's beautiful girls "We love out Oobi dresses! They are classic cuts and timeless prints. A beautiful little doll would be given pride of place in my little girls bedrooms"

Carly's little princesses "We both fell head over heels.. How cool would it be to have these gorgeous dolls as heirlooms, So much detail and love has gone into these gorgeous Wooden You dolls!"

Vicki's gorgeous girl "My sweet Eliza would love love love an Oobidoll just like her in the amazing dress..The perfect party dress! Happy and bright, just like her and perfect for twirling" 

Ruth's adorabel little Oobi " Emily saw the wooden dolls and immediately asked if she could have one! I absolutely love the fireworks print and she would be beyond the moon to be able to take another picture with both her baby doll and her new wooden doll in matching outfits! She wants a little sister and she has a brother now (which we adore of course!) but her daddy has said no more babies so this is the only way for us both to play matchy matchy! Please fulfil our wishes!" 

Dally's little Oobi "This is my up and coming style icon on her first birthday today, wearing her gorgeous Oobi outfit ! I would love to win a Wooden You Doll of her in this dress as an amazing first birthday gift she can cherish forever! Thank you for the opportunity Oobi" 

Claire's Little one enjoying the sunshine " I'd love a one-of-a-kind Oobidoll by Wooden You for my one-of-a-kind.. She's beautiful inside and out and I'd love to surprise her with a custom made doll that she can treasure forever" 

Look a the amazing Ruby " Ruby would love to win her own little doll.They're super cute and easy to play with one-handed!" 


Tina's girl shinning bright "Oobi is all about kids being kids, letting them be little in a world that wants them to grown up to fast. I'd love a doll that captures this precious, irreplaceable time" 

Samantha's Princess " This is my favourite dress on my favourite little girl and to have this recreated on a Wooden You doll would put a big smile on my face! Please Oobi make all my dreams come true" 

look at Selene's Girls "We would love an Oobi Wooden You doll as a reminder of my baby girls first bday and our incredible holiday in France! These dresses were essential for chateau hopping!" 

Michelle's girls looking Fab "Scraping in at the last minute to enter the Oobi Doll comp, These dresses sparked something in me i didn't know existed! To have a little doll to forever remember would be Oobilicious" 

Cher's little princesses "I'll have what she's having! This pic pretty much sums up my girls relationship. Although they're happy to share, If we're lucky enough to win one of Wooden You's gorgeous doll for each is too cute! We've loved Oobi since Miss P came along. I love how the girls can be matchy-matchy without being identical, perfect for sisters! This design and colour ways are firm faves" 

Macarena's little Oobi "Eve says Listen to my eyes we need an Oobi doll....actually I will need three for my three girls but winning one would be a good start and I think they would look mighty beautiful. Eve has been an Oobi baby since before she was born (True story I had a pretty Oobi Stash before she was conceived) Oobi has introduced us not only t fashion but to a community of wonderful women and we have made so many beautiful friendships along the way,a doll in out home would be symbolic of all these things" 


Look at Matilda..Nature child at heart "This dress is one if out favourite Oobi Dresses. It reminds me if my own childhood in my grandmother's massive backyard. We would be so wrapped to have an Oobi doll form Wooden You to help us hold onto the beautiful memories" 

Just look at that cheeky smile "i would love to win a Wooden You doll painted to look like my darling girl in this beautiful Oobi Dress. Firstly my daughter is really into dolls and i strongly believe that role play is an important part of childhood. I also like the fact this doll is wooden and therefore better for the environment. I simply think these dolls are gorgeous and i would love to see one in my daughters room matching some of her floral decor" 

Cat's little girl "Oobi princess needs an Oobi doll for her Oobi room" 

Renee's beauty "We would love to win a personalized Oobi doll so that Indie can remember these amazing simple, but beautiful days we spend together in the garden so that even when her favourite bee dress doesn't fit anymore see can look at her little doll and i can show her pics and discuss these lovely times.. It would be a keepsake!!" 

Alexi's little Oobi "Rain, Hail or shine.. It's always a Oobi time. Fun bright and so easy to play in.. Perfect for a little girl who loves to feel like a princess but kick a ball with the boy's! So we would love to win a Wooden You doll to freeze this moment and lets be honest who wouldn't love a doll that matched your outfit Wooden you" 

Selina's Aloha Oobi "  This is Soph's most favourite Oobi dress! She loves the bright colours.  I love that it's a comfortable age appropriate dress which can be hard to come by as she gets older. We would love to have a mini me doll by Wooden You that looks just like our Mini Lee to remind us of these wonderful childhood years" 

Helen's little girl "This is one of Bella's favorite print/dresses..We get so many compliments when she wears it.. We would love to win one of these adorable.. one of a kind handmade dolls.. With this print on it.. they are just adorable and would be so cool to have! I'm sure Bella will treasure it forever.. she loves all small cute things.. but this would be extra special.. WE LOVE OOBI"


We love all your Pictures and I couldn't imagine a harder job to choose just 3 Winners...Good Luck and we will announce the winners Tomorrow.


Love the Oobi's 








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