Amy's Winning Blue Dress

There's something about slow fashion. The process for creating Oobi-licious garments is really long and detailed. From the design, to choosing or recreating vintage prints, or designing our own unique fabrics. To the patterns, pattern makings, fittings, development, hand screen printing, finishing and adding the final touches.

Well... it was about 10 months ago that we threw a VIP Christmas party in our Oobi VIP Facebook Group - are you a member? Come join us and hang with other Oobi parents and our team! 
One of the games was a "design your own Oobi Dress". The very beautiful artist and talented mama Amy Brown designed a gorgeous blue girl's dress named the "Harriet Dress" (after her daughter) and we promised to bring it to life!

Amy's blue summer dress

Amy has been a very, very, very patient mama while waiting for this blue summer dress and we're happy to share her winning girl's dress finally come to life! I hope I did her drawings justice. 💙

Blue summer dress

This gorgeous dress, matching hat, and other delicious goodies will be online next week. Keep your notifications on for VIP or emails so you don't miss the sneak peeks (including Boys PLUS some other very special treats... for ✨mamas - and friends, aunties, nanas and anyone else who loves a bit of colour✨).

Alex xox

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