January 25, 2017

School holidays are almost over and we thought it would be fitting to give you our top picks to be Oobi-ready for a great school term. 
Mmmmmm Snacks! Our insulated and lined (waterproof) Snacky bags are perfect for little lunches, baby bottles, or anything that needs to be packed in a lunchbox. Washable and reusable (of course) it's a sweet way to pack your little treats. For mums and kids alike. At approximately 19 x 27 cms you'll find that they're big enough to put a great collection of treats inside. And with an adjustable metal ring strap, well, it's perfect!
Our Elephant snacky bag @cherishmadehope
Our Amazing Candy Apple Print 
And of course some Flutter Hearts 
Hats sun protection a must ! 
Our Bridgette hats have a wide brim which can be folded up or left as-is for maximum sun coverage. There's a reason why we've been making Bridgette style hats for almost 15 years - they are our number one best seller and sure to delight your daughter with our hand-made prints and unique design. So much to love.
"Totes" going to make a beautiful bag ! A perfect Bag to fill with books, pencils and all your Oobi-licious treasures! 
Keep it all together with our Headscarfs - headbands and bows!
We love a retro little headscarf. These ones have a gently covered elastic at the back so hair won't get snagged! Perfect for dressing up any outfit and keeping hair out of your little one's face. Suitable for babies and girls.
Socks, Tights and more Socks!
Our knee-high socks will make your little one feel pretty special. And best of all, our knee-high socks stay UP!
Wishing all our Oobi Princesses a great time at school 
Love, The Oobis xox

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Sizing Guide
Our Sizing Height of Child
3M / 00 64cm - 72cm
6M / 0 72cm - 80cm
12M/1Y 80cm - 86cm
18M 86cm - 92cm
2Y 92cm - 98cm
3Y 98cm - 104cm
4Y 104cm - 110cm
5Y 110cm - 116cm
6Y 116cm - 122cm
7Y 122cm - 128cm
8Y 128cm - 134cm
9Y 134cm - 140cm
10Y 140cm - 146cm
11Y 146cm - 152cm
12Y 152cm - 158cm
13Y 158cm - 164cm


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