Buh bye blues... 'Pic of the Week'!

Posted on August 25, 2016 by Margretta Sowah | 0 comments

Buh bye blue babe... 

At Oobi HQ we have been delirious with all our new prints (and some old favourites as well). So what have we been crazy over? Our newest collections - Pastel Love and Buzzy the Honeybee. But before all that let's talk travel! 

Our Top Oobi Alex showcased Oobi in the New York Trade show a few weeks back... but we will update you on that a bit later on... stay tuned!

As we wrap up another  we want to share our weekly roundup of pictures we love! It is because of you guys are favourites like Holly and Tahlia dress, Maya and Nina Pink Roses continue to inspire us. So without further wait here are our top pics...

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Aussie sun is built for fun!
Socks and frocks keep us cool!
Little mermaid and the little oobi :)
Oh hello... what are you doing in my kitchen?
"I want to ride my bicycleee..." (#shamelessQueenlyric)
Blue in blue? Not me!
Strike a pose!
Oobi parties are full of interesting treasures...
Mama always knows best...
You can't catch me...
Hello weeeeeeeekend...


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