Celebrating Book Week The Oobi Way!

It's that time of year - yippee! We love seeing you celebrate Children's Book Week with different fun events in your favourite book character dress-ups. Each and every year, we are always excited to see what your little Oobis are dressed up as!

We are beyond happy to see your little girls (and boys!) dressed up in their favourite Oobi pieces during this year's Book Week and would love to share the gorgeous photos we have found with you all.

Girl in a pink top and tulle skirt

Isla N Patty - We love the creative use of the Flutter Long Sleeve Tee, Natasha Pink Ombre Skirt, and Pink Jacquard Knit Tights to transform her into Thelma the Unicorn for Book Week!

Girl in a pink flower dress

@a.handful.of.love - How clever is this Fancy Nancy dress up featuring the Emily Primrose Dress

Girl in a red riding hood costume and big bad wolf

@kleintjie16 - It's no wonder the Big Bad Wolf wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood so badly! She looks absolutely delicious in the Harper Navy Primrose Dress and Red Riding Hood Cape.

Dressed up as an old lady in a yellow cardigan and red socks

Kirsty Hartin - Looking too adorable as the Old Lady Who Swallowed A Mozzie! The Maxine Mustard Cardigan and Knee High Heart Pom Pom Socks are awesome touches.

Girl dressed up a red riding hood

Mel Chapman - Adorable Little Red Riding Hood! The Maxine Pink and Red Cardigan is great addition but we are hands down impressed with the mum-made Red Riding Hood cape too.

Girl dressed up as a unicorn

Kylie Jackson-Borg - What better way to dress up as a unicorn than with the Poppy Unicorn Skirt with Bloomer and the Lamby Unicorn Vest? She is looking awesome as Thelma the Unicorn!

Girl dressed up as Minnie Mouse

 @_lmf - Cutest Minnie Mouse in the Rebecca Jumbo Dot Red Dress.

Kids dressed up in costumes for Book Week

Katarina Draper - Awesome bunch dressed up as Charlotte, Avery, Fern holding Wilbur, and a springtime butterfly  Love how they were able to throw in Oobi dresses in the mix! 

Girl dressed up as red riding hood

Naykita Leanne - Sweet little Red Riding Hood off to grandma's house!

Little girl dressed up as a ladybug

Amy Brown - How cute is this ladybug? We have got heart eyes over her!


We LOVE seeing the different photos of your little Oobis in their creative costumes for Book Week. Amazing jobs to all the mamas too for nailing it!



The Oobis xox


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