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December 09, 2016

Oobi-Fy the World - Gift Giving for Good - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion

This year was definitely our year of giving. For a small team of just seven people, we are proud to have donated over $150,000 worth of garments and toys to the amazing charities below - and we are happy and honoured to be able to help those in need.
 As part of our "Oobi-Fy the World" Program #oobify #oobifytheworld our founder and designer, Alexandra Riggs pledged to donate a garment, gift or toy to an Aussie child in need (or Australian-run Charity Organisation) for every new season garment we sell. But actually this year we far exceeded that pledge! Yay.
Alex has also given her time to mentoring women who need support and advice in starting a business to help them create a new life and new opportunities for themselves and their children.
We've donated all kinds of useful and beautiful things from small gifts and accessories and even hand-printed fabrics, to dresses, skirts and tee shirts too. Big and small, our donations have been well-received and made a huge difference to a child's life.
Samaritan’s Purse is a non-profit, organisation providing emergency relief and development assistance to suffering people around the world. Samaritan’s Purse is meeting the physical needs of victims of war, famine, natural disaster, poverty and disease with the aim of demonstrating love. The aid and assistance are given without regard to the race, creed, gender, religion, or ethnicity of the beneficiaries. As it is Christmas time they have created "Operation Christmas Child"
Oobi-Fy the World - Gift Giving for Good - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
Operation Christmas Child is  a way of giving to those who truly need it. The idea a shoe box and a few gifts... simple right ...but what an amazing difference it makes to a child in need. 
Quote from Craig Operation Christmas Child: Thank you so very much for the generous donation of OOBI girls’ clothing for our Operation Christmas Child shoe box appeal this year.

For a child in the third World who has very little to call their own, this will make a world of difference.

I heard a story today from one of my team, - they were distributing shoe boxes in a slum region of Cambodia and a young girl about 11 years of age came to collect her gift just wearing a skirt. When she left with her gift she also had a pretty pink top to wear.

This is the sort of difference a gift of love can make to a child who lives in poverty, it is also an avenue for the community to clean drinking water, a better education and medical aid, the basics of life that we take for granted.

Thank you again for partnering together with us to put smiles on the faces of these precious little children. 

Craig Jennings, Operation Christmas Child



Just see the excitement and joy on the children's faces below: 

This year we also sent theThe Mirabel Foundation our beautiful Darcy and Saskia skirts (plus other donations for their charity drive) to send to all their little girls who we are sure will be twirling and dancing as soon as they pop them on.
The Mirabel Foundation is a wonderful charity started by Jane Rowe, supporting children who have been orphaned and abandoned. The charity gives children emotional and practical support that enables them to have a new-found sense of self-worth, belonging and hope for the future. Read more of the amazing work they do on their website: https://www.mirabelfoundation.org.au/
What an amazing charity and we couldn't be happier to help bring smiles to those who truly need it most. 

Quote from Janine Mirabel Foundation: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you☺☺☺

The boxes have arrived at our Office this morning and I just had to open them straight away. The skirts are so beautiful and so super cute as well and I will  thoroughly enjoy sending these out to our little girls, who are just going to love wearing them.

Again Thank you so much for all these amazing skirts.

Janine Pezzotti

Mirabel House & Respite Program


Oobi Kylie shows you just how amazing the Darcy and Saskia Skirts are <3 <3
Good 360  is a wonderful charity that we work very closely with, The founder  Alison Covington discovered Good360 in the USA and was amazed by the scale, innovation and efficiency of the charity. Good 360 is a  way for businesses to connect their BRAND NEW unsold goods with charities to help Australians in need.
This Christmas what better way to do that then with a goodie bag 
Read all about Good360 here: https://good360.org.au/our-story
Oobi-Fy the World - Gift Giving for Good - The Happiness Blog | Oobi Girls Kid Fashion
Thread together is another wonderful charity that supports people in need,  Andie  Halas founded Thread Togetherin 2012, collaborating with some of Australia’s largest clothing suppliers and social service agencies to change the clothes and futures of people in crisis. They are dedicated to making a difference to the homeless, victims of domestic violence, asylum seekers, indigenous communities, ex-inmates, and other vulnerable groups in the community.
Their mission "Our model is very simple. We collect end-of-line brand new stock from clothing providers. With the support of volunteers, the clothing are sorted by age,gender, and purpose, and them re-distributed to people in need through charities across Australia. I think of it as redistributive justice." - Andie founder of Thread Together. 
We couldn't be more impressed by the charities that help people in need and we are so happy to be a part of making lives better. 
This is truly what it is all about. 

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