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We were contacted by a gorgeous student and Oobi lover in the USA. She’s from a junior school Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, Illinois. She wrote a book about ethical clothing and included OOBI as one of her “Global Citizens” and Ethical Fashion Labels. Naomi Wu is a young ambassador for ethical and slow fashion, things that Oobi love too!
Ethical fashion

We asked her a couple of questions about her inspiration behind the book:

1) What inspired you to write the story?

For our Global Issues final project, we were supposed to make a children's book about anything we had learned this year. We decided to choose to write about ethical fashion because we had never learned how horrible the fashion industry was until high school. We wanted young kids and parents to be informed about the mistreatment of people who make clothes and how the fashion industry affects the environment. By educating this demographic through our book, we hope to provoke discussion that leads to re-assessment of their consumerism.

2) Do you think ethical fashion can make the world a better place?

Ethical fashion definitely can make the world a better place! It is better for the environment, higher quality, sustainable, and ensures that garment workers are being treated fairly. Companies like Oobi are making a difference in the penetrating the fast fashion industry and I hope to see the day when ethical fashion companies replace fast fashion companies permanently. 

Go Naomi! Change starts with the new generations of kids who care about people, the environment and ethics. I’m blown away by so many of the young people I meet who have big hearts and truly care. You mums and dads are doing something right!

Where Clothes Come From

If you want to support Naomi's book, you can check it out and buy it here >>> 
Do you talk to your Little Oobi’s about where their fashion comes from? We’re sure that this is something that they can be proud of. Knowing that their pretty dress is ethically made, 5 Star “Good on You” rated and SEDEX approved in audited small factories who care.
The Oobis xx

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