October 21, 2016

Imagine your daughter turning five....or think back on all those beautiful memories. 
Each birthday, party and special memory needs to always be kept close to your heart and one of our Oobi mums knows exactly how to do that... 
Ruth Tay from our Oobi Scrapbook Community Posted a photo of beautiful Ms E turning 5... 
What a way to celebrate other then to create a collage of Ms E wearing all her beautiful Oobi Clothes .. (Cue Applause) 
We just loved Ruth's amazing collage, in fact, designer Alex's hubby texted her when he saw it on our Facebook wall to say how amazing it was! All that colour and all those years in her Oobi pretties makes us all happy.
This little birthday girl rocks an Oobi birthday party dress, she looks equally as cute in a sweet little playsuit, shorts, pretty florals or bold colours. She wears it all well!
We were so honoured and so proud to see these pics and we absolutely love it when Oobi mums share pics of their little girls in Oobi - for any occasion at all - whether it's hitting the beach, party, bridesmaids or dress ups for ballet.
Happy birthday Ms E 
Love the Oobi's 

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