Forest Flower

We love a fun print, and our bold but sweet Forest Flowers print is a unique representation of the colours of wildflowers.

Emily Pink Forest Flower Jersey Dress - Sizes up to 11-12Y

You'll adore the colours and details, the amazing quality and fit, ease of wear and your little one will love the pockets, long sleeves and elastic through the waist!

Forest Flower is a beautiful representation of the wild colours of nature and is pretty, delicate but also bold so your little one will shine.


Wide Sleeve Forest Flower Dress - Sizes up to 11-12Y

Jamie Jacket and Charlie Pants - Sizes up to 11-12Y

Perfect for active little ones. Comfy, made from soft stretchy jersey, and with a modern and cool style, they'll make your little one happy summer, winter and in-between!


Margot Forest Flower Hat - Sizes up to L-XL

Our Margot style hat is perfect for keeping the sun off precious noses - with a toggle and adjustable straps, it won't fall off, plus the slim and discrete ponytail hole at the back ensures a perfect fit - even if your little one doesn't rock a ponytail!

Coming Tuesday, 08 March 2022 and new knitwear end March! xx

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