Wheeeeee Let’s Celebrate the dawn of the new year! What a year we’ve had at Oobi. Where to even start?!

On the design front, we were absolutely STOKED, LIKE, MEGA-STOKED to launch our SPF50++ Swimwear range. It has been a total joy seeing your beautiful photos, those happy smiling mermaids in their swim, splashing about, looking f-i-n-e FINE!

I really enjoyed creating two Oobi Swim collections for your girls. One that had a retro '70s vibe (Retro Rainbows) and one that appealed to my love of delicate florals too "Pretty Mermaids" (I'm so yin and yang!). Most of all, we were so proud that we could create something sun safe, chlorine resistant and also beautiful.

 A personal career highlight was my dresses collaboration with Belinda from Petite Interior Co. We created the sweetest little range for your girls and it’s been wonderful seeing your photos - and so many Christmas day outfits!

It was also exciting to launch two organic ranges this year, one with Bel and one as part of our "Pretty Mermaids" collection. I love that! And stay tuned for more organics in 2018.

Professionally, we are so happy that we have amazing retail stores that support us and love what we do, and a shout out especially to the incredible distributors we have in Brazil, Mexico, the USA and Singapore, our stores in New Zealand, France, the UK, Japan and far-flung places like Poland and Taiwan, Hong Kong and more. So exotic and really, I wish I could visit them all... you know, for um business reasons.

We were thrilled to fly our RAINBOW flag this year to celebrate equality and it was a total joy to see your little ones looking RAINBOW BRIGHT - death to BROWN AND BEIGE! Haha. Down with Brown!!!! OMG sorry.

And speaking of rainbows (sorry, this is also a bit soppy) my production manager and dear friend, Rebekah, resigned to go and move to the country with her husband and my warehouse manager (for 10 years!), Ben. Wow, I will miss them both so much! A double whammy of sadness! Though I am so excited and happy for them and their new 'tree change' life. Especially happy for Ben as he's going to finally be able to get that dog he's been dreaming of.

Well, Bek (Miss Rabbit, if you know her you'll know why she has this nickname, she really does have a Jessica Rabbit vibe going on!) is a rainbow. If rainbows are optimism, brightness, the sparkles after rain... Bek is professionally and personally someone I admire deeply and I can't even begin to say how much she'll be missed.

Here's a picture of us both together. Oh... no, that's not us. But basically as all our photos are not fit for sharing, I'll make do with this one :)

Anyway, misty eyed... while I proudly announce what we achieved this year... Oobi have donated over 10,000 garments, gifts and toys to children in need (that's 10,000 GIFTS!) in Australia. Partnering with Good 360 as well as other smaller charities here and overseas, we have exceeded our pledge this year and we’re so happy!!!

And Bek oversaw that whole charity program and did an incredible job of that too.

Every purchase you made put a smile on 2 little girl's faces - not just your child, but another girl in need. So - rock on mamas!

Who rocks? You do!

In a nutshell, I’m so honoured that we can make your little girls smile with what we do, and that we can also put a smile on the faces of little girls who are less fortunate too. 

Thank you for your support in 2017, 2018 promises to be EVEN BIGGER starting with a TV appearance in February (shhhhhh, wheeeeee!), a runway show, more photo shoots and collaborations (OMG one in particular is SUUUUUPER EXCITING!) and Oobi has some other pretty exciting opportunities coming - so please cross your fingers for us!

So bring on 2018, thank you 2017, it’s been a good year but we want more 😋


Alexandra Riggs

Designer and Oobi’s Mum - 2017

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