How To Dress Your Little Ones for the Winter Weather

We don't know about you but we can't wait for winter to be over! However, whilst it's still here, it's best to dress your girls as warmly as possible. We always mention it but we LOVE layering our pieces, not only because it looks great, but also so it's easier to adjust your little ones' outfit depending on how the weather decides to play.

Here's what we recommend for your little girls so they can enjoy playing outside whilst being warm (and stylish!) during winter.

1) Long Sleeved Dress or Top

Darcy Navy Scandi Dress + Claudia Navy Scandi Dress

Our long sleeved girls dresses and girls tops are PERFECT for jumping around, twirling, running, partying, and even climbing up trees! The Scandi Flower Winter Collection is made of winter-weight jersey cotton with just the right amount of stretch, so your little one can stay warm and comfy throughout the cold weather.

Long Sleeved Scarlet Flutter Tee

Our flutter tees are a classic Oobi design - amazing fit, incredible quality cotton, sweet lace, just enough stretch...It's Flutter Fantastic with skirts, shorts, or pants!


2) Cardigans

Lilac Maxine Cardigan + Sienna Scandi Flower Dress + Pink Daisy Bow Headband

Our Maxine Cardigans have been our #1 best seller for almost 12 years. In 100% cotton cable knit with divine fabric covered buttons, the Maxine is a piece that is loved by mums and handed down from daughter to daughter. High quality, and rich cotton, the gentle stretch will grow with your little one, ensuring seasons of wear.

Mia Pink Kensington Dress + Pink Bobble Cardigan

Apart from our Maxines, we are also in love with the divine little handmade bobbles on our chunky knit 100% cotton cardigan! So cute and so perfectly 'nanna' that it'll look like she knitted it herself. 


3) Coats and Capelets

Paddington Woollen Coat

For very cold days, you can easily layer on one of our coats or capelets over your little girl's cardigan and dress. We LOVE the Paddington Coat - a warm woollen pea-coat that is fully with Kensington fabric. With a sweet hood and toggle buttons, it's an instant classic.

Rosebud Blossom Winter Capelet

Warm and snuggly, our capelets are a sweet and practical cover-up that your daughter will love to wear. With super-soft fleece inside and made with a beautiful and bright wool blend fabric (the blend ensures that it doesn't itch!!) it's a total delight!


4) Socks and Tights

Rebecca Pink Rose Dress + Sunshine Rib Tights

Don't forget to protect your little baby's or girl's feet and legs too! Our high-quality, luxury knee high socks and tights are amazing, with beautiful designs and cotton rich fabrics. And did we mention that they match perfectly with our cardigans and dresses too?

Rebecca Navy Ditsy Flower Dress + Knee High Lilac Pom Pom Socks


You can find these and more in our cosy Winter Collection. We hope you stay warm and dry.

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The Oobis xox






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