It's Our Birthday Treat for YOU!

Birthdays are special. It should be fun, exciting, and of course celebrated in the best way possible! We wouldn't have reached an amazing 15 years of Oobi goodness without YOU & so we wanted to make our party guests feel special too.

We called in the experts for some Pamper Party Fun - a Nail Bar by the fabulous  We Came Here To Party

On our 15th birthday, we wanted to spoil our guests and give them a special treat for being part of yet another amazing milestone. It all comes down to the tiniest of details and we sincerely hope that everyone had as much fun as we did!


Look at that crowd of little Oobis waiting for their turn to get their nails done.


Getting some nail pampering done! 


Getting ready to party!


Nails on fleek!


Look at this beautiful Oobi happily showing off her nails! 


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