Kensington Floral - Gorgeous Girl’s Dresses and Pieces for Summer - and Christmas Delights!

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Kensington Floral is designer Alexandra Riggs’ new release range destined to ensure that Christmas is deliciously retro this year. With dresses, tutus, perfect accessories and hats, the range is a delightful mix of vintage style and wearability. With jersey dresses like the Zoe for baby and girls up to 12 years, it’s a sweet way to mix-and-match for sisters, cousins or twins too.
Kensington Floral is a reminiscence of the past, but with a fresh, modern twist. The print is hand designed and silkscreen printed to ensure that the reds and beautiful blues are vibrant and rich. You’ll love the sweetness and the classic styles, perfect for any event, holiday, or Christmas party.
The Bluebird Tutu for babies (with insert nappy cover and snap crotch) and her big sister Bluebird Tutu Dress for girls up to 6 years are particularly amazing. With handmade embroidery in two different styles for babies and girls, you’ll be amazed by this artisan skill that has been lovingly crafted and used to make these pieces incredibly unique and special. It’s a skill that is rarely available anywhere nowadays and Oobi are proud to be able to support women hand sewers in this craft. Oobi’s designer sourced craftswomen and supported them in this endeavour.
The Kensington Floral range includes shorts, baby ‘Sugar Shorties’, tee shirts, hair bows (grosgrain hair bows), maxi skirts, halter dresses, jersey dresses with woven cotton skirting, amazing party dresses and crowns too - for any Christmassy princess. 
These pieces are perfect for Santa by the Beach photos (trending big time in Australia this year!) and the best part is that with the purchase of any garment in the Kensington Floral Range Oobi will donate a garment to an Aussie child in need for Christmas. It’s Oobi’s way of Oobi-fying the World and making life sweeter for a child in need.
Kensington Floral has accessories starting at a tiny $4.95 and Sugar Shorts and other garments starting at just $22.95. It’s luxe for less quality that is Oobi’s benchmark.


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