Making Others Smile This Season ūüéĄ

This season, you can make two girls smile, because we donate to an Aussie child in need for every new season purchase - and have done since 2012!

Through our partnership with Good360, we are able to donate a toy, garment, hat, or linen to an Aussie child in need with every purchase. Oobi donates a piece of 'Oobi Magic' in the form of baby clothes, dresses for girls and gifts to a child in need for every garment sold. It's our way of making the world a little BRIGHTER for a little one.


Just recently, Mark Herman from Good360 contacted us to let us know some good news! In 2019 up to October, Oobi have so far donated $226,468 worth of clothing to children in need through our partnership with Good360. That's a pretty impressive figure!!!

Apart from this figure, our donations have found their way to a massive 153 charities and disadvantaged schools across Australia.

This wouldn't have been possible without YOUR support - so virtual high 5's for everyone. You deserve a gold star for making this happen.¬†ūüĆü


On another note, we've all been shocked at the breadth of the fire devastation, and summer hasn't even started. We contacted Good360 and they said that we will continue to assist all causes through their charity members. Groups like Vinnies, RAS NSW, Rural Aid and Drought Angels will continue to receive Oobi "one-for-one" donations and at this point this is the best way we can help those suffering through the fires. Good360 met with NSW Government last week and there is particular concern for the wellbeing of the children in specific regional communities. We'll keep you updated and continue to offer our support to children in need - especially in the lead up to Christmas. 

The holidays are just around the corner and whilst we look forward to receiving presents each year, it has become Oobi tradition to share what we have to others as well.

The Oobis xox

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  • Michelle

    What a great effort for good 360 thanks Oobi amazing effort

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