August 08, 2017

Kids Fashion Meets Music
Saturday, July 29 at 7 PM - 10 PM
Paddington Town Hall 249 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW 2021

Stunning girls walked the Runway in Oobi for the Kids Fashion Meets Music event in July! 

Thank you so much for sharing the most divine images and we're so impressed by how great everyone was. Wow!

Quote from: @wheredidthedaygo Thanks @djjazzy33 and #kidsfashionmeetsmusic for such a great experience at GC this weekend. Maya loved walking for #oobi and had a great time meeting the awesome <<DJ Jazzy! >> and making such great new friends.
Thanks so much to all the team for all their work and efforts to create such a fun experience.

Love these photos and these gorgeous girls.

@emily_rechichi Walking for @OOBI ❤at fashion meets music
From: Vivienne Vicente: Dianne Regan you all did an outstanding job! You should be very proud of them! They were all lovely to talk to, helpful and fabulous with our children. You had a great team of workers. I take my hat off to you and your workers.

These girls are amazing!

@vikingkat23 #djjazzy #kidsfashionmeetsmusic @kidsfashionmeetsmusic - two stunning girls! :)
Kristy Dinning said:  Thanks so much Dianne Regan and team! Amongst the chaos is always a group of people trying their best to help things run as smoothly as possible. I agree, the craziness all seems worth it once the kids are up on the stage having a blast. Thanks again for giving the kids the opportunity and the time to shine! And Jasmine Regan you were amazing as always - your talent and your way with the kids! 👌

@kooymans_family Bella strutting her stuff for kids fashion meets music. Wearing @oobi . Thank you so much 😊 

Looking so chic in her knee high socks too!

Aliya Williams The best!!! Loved it...worth every minute. Thanks for the amazing opportunity so happy I was involved. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to make it happen ❤️

@bellarosebrisbane Runway. When you love fashion and performing the runway is a happy place. The Mia Pink Kensington Dress from @oobi 

Strike a pose! She's great!

From Linda Sheath: To Dianne and your amazing team,you should be very very proud of yourselves,wow my daughter was apart of your Sydney show and truly it was amazing and inspiring to watch!
Very appreciative for the opportunity for her to have been apart of the journey!

Thanks to the beautiful girls who walked the runway in Oobi, they really did an amazing job. We love their style and thank you too to Kids Fashion Meets Music - you can find out more about their events here:

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