Oobi Launches The Pretty Foundation Collection

We are so excited to announce that we have formed a collaboration with Pretty Foundation, to help girls achieve their wildest hopes and dreams!

Girls in blue flower dresses

Pretty Foundation is a non-for-profit that focuses on building body confidence in young girls aged 2-6 and is based on research that 38% of 4-year-old girls are dissatisfied with their bodies, and 34% of 5-year-old girls intend to diet.

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Mimi Elasticised Candy Apple Hat

Titled The Pretty Foundation Collection, the recently launched range includes a series of different patterns that have underlying messages of body confidence.

Girl in a blue apple dress

Picnic Dress Candy Apple

We had the chance to have a quick chat with founder Merissa Forsyth, about her experiences and why she thinks this campaign is an important step to a future filled with strong, confident girls!!

Girl in a blue flower dress

Rosie Navy Primrose Dress

Merissa, why did you start Pretty Foundation?

I started Pretty foundation as body image issues begin to develop in girls at such a young age. There are already organisations developing programs for primary school children, high school children and adults, but there is nothing focused on girls in early childhood. We believe that this is where the foundations of body image are laid and we want to tackle this issue head first by building strong and confident young girls.

Girl in a blue apple dress

Picnic Dress Candy Apple

Why did you want to work with Oobi?

At Pretty Foundation, we are at the stage of wanting to expand our core values as far and wide as possible. Body image and fashion don’t ordinarily go hand-in-hand, so we thought why don’t we start working with brands in the industry that are happy to make changes and send the right messages to girls. Oobi was exactly that!

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Elsie Multicolour Heart Playsuit

How can parents teach body confidence at home?

Often as adults we can forget that we are role models for the next generation. What we say and do can have a significant impact on a children’s body image. Four key overarching messages that we encourage parents to focus on at home are:

  1. Our bodies are all unique, and we need to value the ways we are different to everyone else.
  2. Our bodies are a vehicle for life, and we need to value what they can do.
  3. Our character is important, and we need to value our inner beauty.
  4. Self-efficacy is key, and we need to value our abilities and be confident in them.

We’ve also developed a range of body image guides for parents, educators and activities for children that are all free for download on our website at www.prettyfoundation.org.

Two girls in bee print shorts and dress

Flutter Tee Buttercup and Sugar Shorts Buzzy + Picnic Dress Buzzy

What are the next plans for Pretty Foundation?

We’ve recently launched our first body image book series called Charlie’s Tales and it’s been an incredible success. Over 50% of parents have reported through surveys that they’ve seen a positive impact on their child’s body image within just one month! We are going to expand this series and also create an animated series to go with it. We want to see this and our other initiatives go global and impact millions of girls’ lives.

Girl in a pink tee and pink apple skirt

Flutter Tee PinkPeaches Toffee Apple Skirt

The Pretty Foundation Collection and Charlie’s Tales books are now available to purchase on Oobi here.

Happy shopping!


The Oobis xox

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