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Oobi was featured on Kochie’s Business Builders, Channel Seven on October 9th. 

You can check out KBB’s site here and their article on Oobi (the one that started it all!)


Kochie’s team visited Oobi HQ last month and filmed our summer photo shoot, including our sweet little Oobi models and then interviewed our designer, Alexandra Riggs about time management and Australian small business concerns. It was truly amazing to see our Oobi garments on telly! 

 Kate from Time Stylers gave fantastic tips on time management, social media and how to value your time as a small business owner. I guess accountability is the key!

Kochie's sweet granddaughters also received a few gifts from The Big Oobis and he and his wife sent the sweetest thank you note. Good manners never go astray! They loved our sweet dresses for girls (and granddaughters) though we were pretty surprised to see that Kochie was a granddad - he must live a healthy life. 

 Thank you again to everyone who supported Oobi and to the people that liked and shared our win of City of Sydney Business of the Year. That put Oobi in the limelight and on Kochie's radar!

If you didn't get a chance to watch the episode you are in luck.. check it out below: 


Big thanks to all the Oobi Mums 

Love the Oobi's 

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