January 10, 2017

Oobi Wardrobes you say.. 
With our huge $500 Oobi Wardrobe Draw being announced this week a huge congratulations to Sian J Addamo the winner and our second prize winner goes to Teagan Morrison congratulations and a $100 Oobi Voucher is on its way ....
We thought it would be fitting to show you all the magical Oobi wardrobes from our Oobi Mamas. 
I don't think a wardrobe can ever be too big and we adore looking in peoples wardrobes...pause not creepy. 
We asked all our Oobi Mamas out there to send in photos of their Oobi Princesses Wardrobes and wow did we get some amazing photos, It truely brings the biggest of smiles to us in Oobi HQ seeing all the magic that Oobi Brings. 
Oobi can be worn for special occasions, birthdays, parties (everyone loves to look their best at a party) or just a normal day helping mum around the house. 
Take a look at some of the photos we received.. Does your wardrobe look this good? Mine does NOT! You mamas amaze us!
Tahlia's Oobi garments.... Hanging proud 
Now that is what I call a masterpiece Robyn 
Deanna's TWO Oobi wardrobes 
Nikki this would have taken me hours to organise and fold... LOVE 
I'm in heaven...
Jennifer knows that Oobi is the perfect display - and Alex creates each fabric to be as beautiful as an artwork!
Looking at these amazing wardrobes gave us serious feels to organise our own, I am thinking of a weekend activity and what better way then to get your little one to help you... Fashion show anyone?
For all your Oobi-liciousness shop: https://www.oobi.com.au/
Keep sharing your beautiful pictures of all your Oobi Princesses and Oobi Garments on our Little Oobi Scrapbook page and also on Instagram!
Love, The Oobis xox

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3Y 98cm - 104cm
4Y 104cm - 110cm
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7Y 122cm - 128cm
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10Y 140cm - 146cm
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