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At Oobi it truly makes our day seeing all your beautiful little ones having a blast in their Oobi garments. 
We adore all of them and are always wanting more so please keep sharing and making our days brighter. 
Kafula's Oobi mermaid... Just amazing 
Cher's Oobi's Celebrating Melbourne Cup... In style 
Can we all go on holidays... Nicole's little Oobi... looking so happy
Whats hiding in there...Julie's three musketeers will find out
Ahhhh....Looks like Summer... Karen's beauty staying cool
Jessica's gorgeous girl swinging in to happiness
Can all beach days look this amazing.. Sarah's girls having a blast 
Cherre's Oobi styling out.. Just look at that smile 
Deanna's Oobi sure got the memo.... Everyday is Tutu day
@corujiceskidsecoisas just look at that pose... someone call Vogue 
Linda's Garden Fairy.. looking Fab 
Rain never stops an Oobi Princess from having fun... Belinda's Oobi is sure enjoying the rain
Seeing double cuteness.. Brooke's star shinning bright as can be 
Belinda's Lizey looking stunning
Vikki's little Oobi exploring the gardens 
Nikki's sweetheart looking beautiful 
Keep sharing your beautiful pictures of all your Oobi Princesses on our Little Oobi Scrapbook page and also on Instagram!
Love, The Oobis xox

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