December 16, 2016

At Oobi it makes our day seeing all your beautiful little ones having a blast in their Oobi garments. 
We adore all of them and are always wanting more so please keep sharing and making our days brighter. 
Angela's little Oobi with Santa 
I spy Kensington... Fabiana's beauty 
Tis the season for cherry picking.. Hayley I hope you got some yummy ones 
Angela's little one twirling (Wiggling?) at the Carols 
Vicki's little Oobi finishing kinder 
Sarah's little Oobi bringing the Christmas Cheer 
Alix's little Oobi on top of the world 
Macarena's little girls couldn't get any cuter 
Danielle's Oobi at Winter Wonderland 
Sarah's beautiful girl 
@aamanda_louise hey pretty 
@cheekycraftcat Always need to be stylish even when feeding chickens 
@melcgilbet Santa made me cry mum 
@fastidiousmumma will all my Christmas wishes come true 
@mum2khem Christmas in Melbourne brrrr 
@heidiandaq walking to the beat of her own drum 
@little_k_bows looking fab girls 
@bettyquiet Christmas is a time for cooking 
@kat.and.that Perfect holiday adventure 
@leesamaree Christmas photo time 
Annika's Oobi...Looking Fab and shooting up!
Look at all that Ice Cream.. Celina what a great day out (love the sunnies too mama, rocking them in style!)
Look how cute I am...Sarah's little Oobi 
Deanna's little Oobi reading with Santa (he looks amost as sweet as she does)
Big Oobi welcome to our Community Group, Little Oobi Scrapbook to Nicole's little Oobi 
Fiona's Oobi's looking bright & amazing with Santa 
New dress - I think that calls for bubbles! Kafula's Oobi 
Mylah's little Oobi...LOVE 
Nicole's Christmas Photo - gorgeous kids, oh, and that's not a bad backdrop either...
Marissa's little cuties, big smiles!
Michelle's Christmas Photo - matchy-matchy heaven.
Enjoy the Holidays Mamas and have a very Merry Christmas. 
Keep sharing your beautiful pictures of all your Oobi Princesses on our Little Oobi Scrapbook page and also on Instagram!
Love, The Oobis xox

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Our Sizing Height of Child
3M / 00 64cm - 72cm
6M / 0 72cm - 80cm
12M/1Y 80cm - 86cm
18M 86cm - 92cm
2Y 92cm - 98cm
3Y 98cm - 104cm
4Y 104cm - 110cm
5Y 110cm - 116cm
6Y 116cm - 122cm
7Y 122cm - 128cm
8Y 128cm - 134cm
9Y 134cm - 140cm
10Y 140cm - 146cm
11Y 146cm - 152cm
12Y 152cm - 158cm
13Y 158cm - 164cm


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