July 30, 2020 2 min read

We are delighted to announce a slightly earlier than usual release - because we want to brush those dark clouds away and celebrate spring! 
This season I've created a collection of pieces that are vintage in style, and, I hope you agree, so pretty, delicate and truly beautiful. 

Coming Soon
Above: NEW Maxine Pink Cardigan, Maxine Pink & White Dots Cardigan, Penelope Dress, Teal Headband
In this weird and unprecedented time, we're looking to the past, to a soft, gentle and magical time, where love and flowers bloom. 
It's unapologetically pretty, pastel and delicate. There's a lot of room in my heart for ditsy cottage flowers, for pinks and soft blues, for dresses to be worn and matched with dolly and for snuggling in a soft cardigan until those nights get warm too.

Cardigan and flower dress
Above: Pink & White Dots Maxine, Pink Tulle Headband with Stars, Penelope Dress
The Luna Dress is such a special treat. Full, full, full in the skirt, but not heavy at all. Cloud like, soft as butter, and with a tiny thread of sparkle to give the skirt a bit of zing. 
It's got a zipper in the side and the back has a fun criss-cross style. At the sleeve is a bit of ruffle - I'm a gal that loves a ruffle. Wear it with our pink or golden hued sparkly socks and you're ready for anything.

Luna Dress Front Luna Dress Back
I also love this piece with the blue or pink dotty Maxine cardigans. Blue will pick up on the tiny flecks of blue in the dress, and pink, well, pink goes with everything, right? :)

Blue cardigan Pink cardigan

I'm also delighted to let you know that we've created a cloth fabric mask that matches (but wait until you see how - it's very cool) this pretty dress. You and your little ones will actually want to wear masks that are as pretty as these.

Oobi Mask
When I look at the Penelope Dress, in its amazing Pastel Bouquet print, I can only think of how brilliant it is to go to the flower markets or a luscious garden and be amazed by all the colours, and the harmony of the florals. This print is soft and delicate, but it's got oomph and it's bold too. Just like real, wild nature.


 I'm thrilled that you and your little ones seemed to love the matching 'dolly and me' dresses last season and delighted to offer you a gorgeous new style too. The dolly dress is constructed with the same care and attention to detail as our dresses. Elastic in the waist, full ruffles, zipper, even a little woven label. 

I hope that it makes your little ones feel super special and even amazed - that their dolly can match exactly with their own dress. 

Stay safe everyone. 

Alex xox

PS Can't wait to get your hands on some of these pretties? Shop Dotty Maxine Cardigans here and Shop Tulle Headbands here.

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