Sweet Dollies and Matching Dresses

We have created the most beautiful doll's dresses for so many different kinds of dolls - including our own! We've received feedback from our lovely Oobi mums and here are the dolls that our dolly dresses can fit:

Oobi dolls

  • Fits Our Oobi Dolls

Matching girl and doll dress

So sweet! Maggie's little one in the Penelope Navy Bouquet Dress and Elle Doll in the matching dress.

  • Perfectly Fits Lovabella Newborn Dolls

Matching doll and girl dress for Miniland, Lovabella, Journeyland dolls

From Belinda - our matching doll dress fits Lovabella Newborn Dolls too! Don't forget - our Penelope Dress for big girls comes with a FREE matching Navy Floral Hair Tie!

  • Perfectly Fits Miniland Dolls
  • Fits the Journey Girl Dolls

Journey dolls dress

@miss_c_and_me - Match with your favourite Journey Girl Dol!

You can shop online for Minilands Dolls Dresses, Lovabella Dolls Dress, Journey Girl Dolls Dresses here: https://bit.ly/dolls-and-dresses with dresses for dolls that fit a variety of styles.

Matching girls and doll dress

Check out that happy smile on Bron's little girl! 

Matching Girl and Doll's dresses - for sweet matching outfits for your little one and their doll!

Drawing doll

Love this beautiful drawing from Karen's little Oobi!

Don't forget to share your little ones' pics (or drawings!) on FB and IG @oobi #oobi. We'd love to see!!! We hope you are all safe and well.

The Oobis xox

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