Oobi Swim-Alicious!

December 08, 2017

Oobi Swim-Alicious!

We are so lucky to live in a country that is surrounded by water! And if you're not near a beach, chances are you live somewhere where it's hot enough to swim at a local pool or (lucky duck) even your own!
Sorry for the pun but Oobi swim has made a splash this summer and we hope that you love it as much as we do! The SPF factor is a bonus plus the opaque (never see through) fabric is generous and high quality. 
So much so that it's also chlorine resistant and fade resistant. So... well, there's a lot to love and we guess it pretty much does everything (except the swimming, we'll leave that to you).
The best part about launching something new is seeing all those happy faces. And you can see from the photos below that, well, there are a lot of smiling faces of the beautiful girls in their swimmers and here's to a long, hot, happy summer!

@lifeofmywildflower wearing our Swimsuit in Mermaid Sea Colour - looking divine and well... very mermaid-y!

lily.ofthevalley.x - Splashing about with besties - love this photo!

Lauren - those eyes!

charlize.jolie - Mixing and matching! Mermaid Top, Seashell Bottoms

nicolewin - Sandcastle making hands in her ruffle swimsuit!

Jen Giles - So nice to see these super happy faces! 

Katarina - 3 little rainbows! 

Belinda - rocking her bikini top and some very nice pigtails!

Julie - that is the swim cap to make any girl happy as a unicorn!

Jayne - gorgeous in green and sunsafe too with a pretty rashie.

Leanne Young - having fun at the water park, that looks brilliant!

Meagan - pretty mermaid in her rashie. That smile says it all.

Deanna - peace out for this little flower child

Deanna - looking amazing in her one piece, the smile is brilliant!

Nat - swim wear in ACTION and looking happy and gorgeous too!

@my_indie.and.ollie -Little Mermaid in her green bikini

Patty - your little one looking like the best-dressed girl at the pool! How lovely.

Melissa - Your gorgeous surfer girl had us all amazed! She's rocking her board skills.

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Sizing Guide
Our Sizing Height of Child
3M / 00 64cm - 72cm
6M / 0 72cm - 80cm
12M/1Y 80cm - 86cm
18M 86cm - 92cm
2Y 92cm - 98cm
3Y 98cm - 104cm
4Y 104cm - 110cm
5Y 110cm - 116cm
6Y 116cm - 122cm
7Y 122cm - 128cm
8Y 128cm - 134cm
9Y 134cm - 140cm
10Y 140cm - 146cm
11Y 146cm - 152cm
12Y 152cm - 158cm
13Y 158cm - 164cm