September 19, 2016

Once again, our Oobi Scrapbook mums came to my rescue this week!
For those of you who don't know it, is our private community Facebook group, where we basically hang out, talk about new releases, do fun sneak-peeks, mamas share pics of their gorgeous girls, and we, well I, generally hassle the mums for feedback and advice on my pieces too. You should check it out and join us!
This week was no different where I posed the problem of what to call our new release dress. Because it's a few garments rolled into one.

The design process is a complex thing… and sometimes it’s truly unexpected. For this season, I knew that I really wanted to make a summery Maxi skirt for girls and tweens with amazing dense embroidery and ruching. I love a maxi and they are so summery and fun.


So I designed a sample and we made it and totally fell in love with it. The ruching and elastic panelled waist is amazing. It hugs the tummy so that it's nice and comfy, and it is wide enough to wear a tee tucked in or over the top and still see the pretty effect. I also had the ruching lined so it's nice and soft inside.
It's really cool when a sample comes "to life" and becomes more than something you've drawn on paper or imagined in your head. It's a really exciting process and I swear I will never get tired of it.
And then… when we were putting it on the fit mannequin and taking the dress up over the bodice, it just… well, it became an amazing strapless dress.
We all looked at it in the sampling room - all heart eyes.
And then looked at each other...

Oh… nooooooo! I so want to make a maxi skirt for girls, but this is so sweet as a girl's strapless dress! Which one do I choose?

Ok… Let’s make it both!

Georgia Blue Kensington 

So we played with it, adjusted the specs, ummhed and ahhed about it and finally decided, let’s do it! I had to add a bow to the skirt and then THAT turned into a cool halter idea and, well, Georgia came to life!

And so pretty from the back too...

But the problem that I took to our Mamas in Scrapbook is - how on earth do I explain this 3-in-1 dress (I was calling it 2 in 1 but the mums pointed out that it’s strapless, halter AND maxi so it’s 3-in-1) and how do I write about it? Or do I just say "It's a Maxi Skirt" and let people discover that it's a dress (or vice versa)?


But, after loads of debate and conversation, as they suggested, I’m sharing the story here with a big thank you to my "think tank" and some pretty pictures too. I hope that you love it too, and even though this pretty is called Georgia, it’s now dubbed the 3-in-1 Magic Maxi (thanks Gillian and Linda and all the other mums who gave me the great advice and feedback)!

Oh and the mums with daughters or twin girls loved this idea. That each girl can wear it 'her own way'. If you do this with the Georgia, please share pics with us, we'd love to see what you do!

Love, Alex xox

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